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Tabletop Simulator Meetups

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here has Tabletop Simulator and wanted to play with other Stimhackers so I decided to make a thread for those who would be interested to post their timezone and availability, in order to see if we can arrange some games. If anyone is interested I could look into streaming some of the games.

Personally am in GMT+1 and am available most weeknights. I’ve also set up a Steam group, so if you’re interested, please PM me your Steam username and I’ll add you :slight_smile:

I’m also super-interested in this.

I am GMT -6, but my best hours are typically in the morning on weekdays (8 AM - 11 AM local time) and at least occasionally Sunday morning (5 AM - 11 AM). Also Saturday morning, every’s favorite time! 12 AM (midnight) to 6 AM (local time).

I’d potentially be interested. I’m GMT -5. I usually have some free time every weekend.

I’m up, weekends and GMT +1. But I’m new to the hobby, steamname: joalic

I’ve got this and quite a few nifty games.

Weekday nights usually, Tuesday and Thursday are easiest. EST, GMT -5.

Steamname: CrushU

Added you on steam