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Tagged Noise, trash which resource?

The following situation came up for me at a store champs at the weekend and I wondered what others thought the best option was:

I’ve got Noise tagged with 2 brain damage and one click left. He has out Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype, which card would you trash out of those two when you are the corp?

I’ve not played as Noise so I’m not sure what the most useful of the two are to him. I elected to trash Adjusted Chronotype based on the fact that it was going to cost him a click every turn. I was also on the assumption that he probably had 2 more Wyldsides and one Chronotype. I also wanted him to get through his deck quicker to make the kill easier.

I could see merit in trashing the Wyldside to force him to use clicks drawing up as well. For what it is worth I also had Cerebral Static in play negating his virus ability.

Lastly would your answer change at all if Pawnshop was also on the board? What if he had all three out and you had 2 clicks left to trash resources?


I trash the Wyldside. Instead of him losing a click next turn, I want him to spend clicks to draw. If Pawnshop was on the board, depending on how many credits he has and what’s installed, I might trash that instead.

Depends on what’s in his bin and how much of his deck he’s gone through. If they can’t draw into a replacement for one of the resources trash that one. Most Noise decks don’t run Levy. I’d lean towards trashing the Wyldside more often these days, but it really depends on board state.

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Ah nice, my searching clearly was ineffective!

Wyldeside > Full Liberated > Aesops > near-empty Liberated > Pancakes


Agree with @CJFM,without Wyldside Noise become really easy to handle.That being said it still depends on the board state. Never think you need to murder Pancakes.I remember the days Noise playing Wyldside without Pancakes and still win,but I never know there is Noise playing Pancakes without Wyldside and still win.

You can answer the question by asking if Noise existed as a deck before Chronotype.
The answer is yes, he did.

Noise with Wyldside is still a deck. Noise without Wyldside was never a deck. (Except for my silly all-in virus mill deck.)


Yeah that makes sense, didn’t consider that in the heat of the battle. I still got the flatline later on either way.

I just mean that lowest priority is Pancakes. Highest is Wyldeside with some room for variation according to the board state. More guidelines than actual rules.

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It Depends.

Got a tough Wyldcakes decision to make? Let Deanna Detonator take the hassle out of making hard choices! Por que no los dos, you low-life leftover streetmeat. They’ll be scraping up blueberry batter for weeks.

More seriously, much depends on the corp deck I’m running and their board state. Are they poor? Do you run bioroids? If so: kill the chronotype to pressure their grip and tax a click! Rich but low on cards in hand? Going for a kill and they don’t have plas out yet? Cancel the party and force 'em to dig.


You think that’s impressive?


I’ll see your two and raise you the rest.


Look, I’m trying to support my local mom-and-pop neutral businesses over here and you fatcat NBN types gotta come in here with your flashy meganukes and eyes and stuff buying up all the resources, but you know what? Deanna Detonator knows the local investigative journalists and we’re gonna dig up some dirt on you, Victoria :slight_smile: !


2 brain damage. Tagged. And Cerebral Static’d.

My answer? Doesn’t matter, you’ve already won.


Investigative Journalism is a resource, sorry bruv :smiley:

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I think if you’re playing as RP trashing Adjusted Chronotype is reasonable if you have your scoring remote setup… but that’s probably the only situation where I take that choice.

Runner’s out of cards & has no Levy is another situation where Chronotype is clearly the correct choice. It’s happened to me :frowning:

I agree with people who said usually Wyldside, but it depends on the board state.

Early game, Wyldside is almost always the best choice, as it feeds Faust, gives the runner the support and economy cards he needs and drastically speeds up the milling.

If other copies of Wyldside/Pawnshop are in the bin, it can change the calculation.

If the runner is poor, pawnshop might be the better bet, because now you’ve temporarily shut down the economy engine, he needs to stop and spend money to clear the tag, then find another pawnshop to restart the engine.

Sometimes if the runner is poor and I have my choice of two resources to trash, I’ll take out chronotype and pawnshop and leave Wyldside alone, with the rationale being if he doesn’t have levy, every card he discards because he can’t play it is one less card I’m being milled – and a turn closer to him running out of gas. He’ll surely be floundering for a few turns with one less click and no cash coming in. Great spot to find a scoring window or two.