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Taking too many clicks

At a competitive event last night a corp player had the following turn.

  1. Trash DLR whilst Runner is tagged
  2. Biotic Labour
  3. Install
  4. Advance
  5. Advance
  6. Advance

Once this was noted by a spectator I was asked as Judge how to proceed. I was under the impression that the guidelines in the floor rules were to simply prevent the extra clicks taken and the gamestate continues as far as it could have been legally, so the turn ends with the Agenda installed and advanced unprotected.

This morning I have gone through the floor rules just to ensure that this was handled correctly and I am now unsure on my call. I was pretty certain in my mind that I had seen it ruled this way in writing somewhere but I can’t seem to find a clear example.

I know at Worlds (2014 I believe) Lukas allowed Dan to rewind his entire turn when a similar mistake was made but I felt I had seen it since that this was no longer the correct procedure.

Anybody care to clarify for me and confirm whether I got this correct for my own state of mind and future events?

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Technically, I believe your response was correct. Assuming no time has elapsed (e.g. the runner hasn’t started their turn) when the spectator points out the error, you rewind to before the illegal state was created. In this case, everything up to the 3rd advance was legal, so you rewind to right before that.

In practice, I might be inclined to handle this differently depending on the tier (casual/competitive/premier) of the event. At a casual event, I would suggest letting it roll back to between the DLR trash and the Biotic. Since you were acting as a judge, though, I assume this was at a store champs? If so, I think your ruling was not only technically correct, but appropriate to the level of the event.


It’s an event that sits somewhere awkwardly between a casual event and an official FFG event. We run a twice per year Invitational series at our store and this was the final of that series to crown the overall winner.

So not technically a premier event but I feel competitive enough that that level of rules enforcement was correct.


At that kind of event, I would say that you definitely took the appropriate action. :slight_smile:

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