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Talk me down from Rolodex

At first glance, this card has me extremely excited. One influence, no cost. Spend a click to pre-plan your next two turns? Sounds pretty damn sweet to me.

Sure, Precog is garbage in Corp decks, since over-drawing is typically the last priority in a 3-click turn, but in runner decks I’m seeing all kinds of synergy.

Combine this with Peddler, where I can purposely put events I don’t need into my bin, or avoid multiple critical cards stuck under the same Peddler, and I feel like I’m trimming a half-dozen dead pulls out of my deck.

Even from a deck-space perspective I’m thinking it may be worthwhile to trade out multiples of your unique hardware/programs for a couple of these, since it’s a soft tutor.

So, what am I missing here? Is this card just not sexy enough to stand out in the whole mess of spoiled-goodness we just got?

Forgot to mention the combo possibilities with Eureka… crap, you could almost make Blackguard playable. :stuck_out_tongue:


Calm the hell down boss :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: , The Toolbox is your best value off a Eureaka! I know people hate toolbox, but have you ever had one installed? It is goddamn amazing. Way better than blackguard.


But you’re wasting a cred off Eureka’s discount of 10!

Maybe not when Oracle May is involved…

*wiggles eyebrows* Eh, eh? I was also totally gonna use it with Windfall until I realized that I had to shuffle my stack. :disappointed_relieved:

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You must be real fun at parties.

Some more ideas for you:

  • With MaxX you can plan her ability to dump the cards you don’t want and draw the one you do.
  • Best with Aesop’s Pawnshop - draw the cards you want then pawn for $3 profit and dump the duplicates. Or Chop Bot.
  • Use with shuffle effects to draw the cards you want and shuffle the rest away.
  • Eureka into Rachel Beckman? Why not!
  • Synergy with Oracle May!

How about just being able to cherry-pick the best of the next five cards before you use your Test Run/SMC and shuffle? Worst case scenario you grab a money card and then tutor. Best case scenario you save your tutor entirely and find whatever you were looking for right near the top.

I mean, I get it’s a do-nothing card that isn’t directly getting you agenda points… but there’s a reason why a 40-card runner has an advantage over a 50-card runner. Deck thinning, tutoring, and draw does have SOME value, if only to reduce the variance in your deck. This card doesn’t necessarily do any of those, but can make all of those things function even better.

Marginal? Maybe… definitely not completely worthless though.


The best value is with Oracle May, but only if you’re not planning on drawing any cards other than the ones Oracle draws.

Rolodex into Aesop’s into Retrieval Run?

I think the Aesop’s interaction is where this card has the most possibility. Maybe run it with Street Peddler? Lets you set up your Peddler cards. Heavy recursion would be a necessity because of the large amount of cards to be trashed. Some sort of Big Rig Shaper, running Torch, Femme, Morningstar…?

Eureka would fit nicely in this deck as well. If you’re saving many credits via Retrieval Run and Eureka, you can eithe pump those into a Toolbox, or just Eureka the Toolbox?

Yes, blackguard. I want to be the one that makes it playable, I’ll treat every permutation of decks with blackguard as a card in it until it works.

By the way, chill84 my balls hurt from the way you viciously busted them.

I just realized the topic is basically trying to convince the op Rolodex is a bad card. Haha, well played

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Here’s a Blackguard Kit deck. It has every possible non-influence-costing card to give you money to play study guide and blackguard (which is probably not enough) and the awesome combo of paintbrush and surfer

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