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Team Covenant Bingo

In Team Covenant’s latest video its like Stimhack Bingo.

Myself, @tomdidiot, @Marsellus, @ff0x, @vinegarymink, and many more. Who are you and when do you show up?

Of course those relishing internet anonymity can feel free to ignore…


2:37, right hand side with the “It’s something” playmat :smiley:


You can see a corner of my shirtsleeve :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m all over this.

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I still wonder where I was seen in the video.

@ffox: @0:45! :wink:


Ah, totally missed that, probably for the better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m on the first couple of sec, hanging my coat :stuck_out_tongue:

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0:50 I’m playing @foilflaws next to Steven Wooley round 1 of swiss.

so i actually played friendly game with u? brian?!

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Correct, we were argus enemies :stuck_out_tongue:

good to put face to nickname. i was so embarassed with that shard i allowed u to play :smile: jetlag is a thing from hell, next worlds ill attend ill come week earlier to adjust properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Skipping over mentions already covered, I see…

@MondoPeregrino at 0:15 on the left, along with 3 other locals who don’t post here (I think). Including our Regionals winner, actually. One of them is also in the background at 0:46.

The one player from my KoS team who doesn’t post here, David, is in the background at 0:54. @spags and @d1en are in the foreground there, facing away from the camera. Jens Erickson is next to d1en and I believe he’s sitting across from Asher.

@HEacho obscured at 2:30.

2:34 Nicholas, another local player.

2:35 Pat, a local player who tests with me sometimes and borrowed my Noise deck for the event along with some of the new NBN stuff. He was also playing Conquest, so he entered the ANR tournament in round 3 with a 0-4 record, and proceeded to go 8-0 before splitting for the 5th loss that knocked him out of cut contention.

David again next to HEacho at 2:53.

HEacho and @Jamieson with Wooley at 3:28, of course.

Jeremy Zwirn there at the end, 4:53.

I didn’t see myself anywhere.


2x hades shard is busted deck design :wink:

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I’m at 22 seconds, dressed like Mr. Robot, stepping away from the initial pairings. I’m also in the red plaid shirt and cream hat, playing @CrimsonWraith R1, in the foreground at 0:54.

0:46 - @anon50033301 v. Tim Bunn. ff0x is sitting next to them. @flowerscandrink is down the table.

0:47 - Wooley, next to him is @x3r0h0ur, playing @FoilFlaws. I think I see @bblum in the background, and @Ravlin down the table.

0:54, I see @Sirris at the tables behind Matt.

1:28 - Dodd Harris from ‘Breaking News’ playing a little kid.

2:30 - @mtgred is next to Hollis.

2:38 - @Marsellus is in the foreground on the right.


I’m also at 2:37 at the lower tables looking more drunk and less happy than earlier. You can see @Marsellus in this shot too.

2:55 My boy @desertfox42 in the background (top right) wearing glasses and hat.


Christ almighty. At 1:38, that’s my game 2 VS Tim Fowler, where I had absolutely crap for economy and had to Stimhack -> Clone Chip -> Atman 2 to break Enigma into HQ so I could trade Beale’s for Astroscripts… Tim Fowler’s famous words of that match, “I hate Turntable.”


you don’t know the half of it - for @Tim , a scored astroscript is basically a religious experience. You’re stealing the holy grail and replacing it with a glass of bud light.


I’m next to Nicholas at 2:34, red plaid.


I’m shown at 0:59-1:02, the guy in the back at the very last table in the blue shirt with the beard.

It was round 1! :frowning:

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