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Team Covenant Cast--105

Hi all!

The fellas at Team Covenant waxed a bit nostalgic about Netrunner during this cast and definitely made me smile and nod my head in agreement, but I think it also made some great points about the challenges of “on-boarding” the LCG model (and how Marvel Champions has a pretty great way to solve that problem).

Anyway, while I know my two cents are just that, I think there are a few good take-aways that Niesi could contemplate from the conversation with Zach and Steven:

  • Products come ready to play, but can be broken apart and added to the card pool. If someone were to jump into Netrunner now, it’s both easy and hard (proxy what you like! Get the cards if you want!..however, the notion of having a deck ready to go seems even easier).

Even though most of us on here are already “all-in,” I still want to see our game grow and it would be pretty easy to say to someone, “if you like this game, you can get up and running by ordering the Anarch/Weyland Deck-Pack Product from MakePlayingCards.com” and we’ll see you at the next meet up."

  • Player Friendly Core Set Design–again, as we are in our “new era” of Netrunner, the core set barrier is significantly lower anyway, having a core set designed as 3x of everything simply, well, simplifies what it is.

Of course, that’s a VERY simplistic statement, especially if Niesi eventually releases it’s own official core set because 3x of everything would be pretty expensive. But if you couple that with the aforementioned Runner-Corp Pack Deck Products, you could have a couple choices for On-Boarding into the game.

Anyway, hope everyone is well! See you on Jnet :slight_smile:


We do have some plans in the works here - I can’t talk about them yet, but will do soon :grin: