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Terminal Directive - A Narrative Campaign Expansion for Android: Netrunner The Card Game

This looks fun! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/11/11/terminal-directive/


Netrunner: Legacy?!


Looks like it!

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Damon, you glorious bastard.


This seems to imply that the cards will also be playable in standard netrunner as well. Is this the new deluxe box release method then?

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Judging by the title and art, it looks like we’re getting some new bioroid lore. I am pumped.

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This has huge potential to be awesome!

Also a risk to be a cheap rip-off of Legacy/half-hearted way to spice up Deluxes, but hopefully that’s not what will happen.

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Neither 86 nor 77 are divisible by 3. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


Hopefully that’s the count not including duplicates? 186 cards is a huge amount, but makes sense with a $60 price tag


It means that there’s a Weyland, HB, Shaper, and Crim ID.

86-2=84, and 77-2=75. Both divisible by 3.


Usually boxes come with 3x each ID, although I guess the cards in this one will be packaged atypically. Could go either way. If it is 1x IDs and 3x everything else, that’s fewer new cards for 2x the price of a normal big box.

If there’s three copies of each (which we don’t know), that would mean 28 corp cards and 25 runner cards, meaning only 53 different cards. That’s even fewer than a deluxe expansion. I really hope there’s more content than that.

Um, when FFG talks about 20 new cards in a data pack, the mean a total of 60 cards. You don’t divide, you multiply.


In addition to the announcement page, there’s also a product page which confirms this is the “missing” SKU ADN 42, and that these cards are tournament legal.


Awesome idea for an alternate play mode as something that adds context to games even if there are no new in game mechanics. This really plays to the settings strengths imho, and it’s a great hook for bringing in new players. Two thumbs up so far! :slight_smile:

Also approve of Weyland and Crims getting some love (and NBN and Anarchs not).


Got really excited, until I saw it was one of those gd legacy things that you can only play once.

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be excited about two deluxes’ worth of new, tournament legal cards with 4 new identities. Also, Pandemic Legacy was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had, easily worth the $80 price tag. I’ll be picking up season 2 as soon as it’s out.


Just no. Admittedly it is awesome, but the fun of games is playing them over and over again and seeing new strategies.

Now that is interesting. Didn’t see that the first time. A little pricy though just for two deluxes.

We’ll see about replay value I guess, it would be nice to be able to play it as both sides, or if it was only the runner that could just be played once (maybe the corp already knows everything). As there are 4 ids, it may also be that you can play each combination once or maybe just 2 seperate pairs. Either way I am totally pumped about this as a new direction for deluxes.

WTF they literally could have just put tokens in instead of stickers and it would be replayable. I guess I’m going to go make some custom tokens then! I’m really getting sick of this whole legacy thing. Every year more and more legacy games are made at faster rates, at this rate soon we won’t have any real games other than maybe the really dense euros. Like take Seafall. That ruleset is awesome, and if it wasn’t a legacy game I would have bought it before you could say Damon. But legacy…