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Terminal Directive Campaign Discussion (spoilers)


An update in case anyone finds this amusing - I got destroyed in our game last night.

I made so many mistakes, starting with not taking a mulligan. I had two breakers, Special Order, Account Siphon, and Forged Activation Orders. I should have looked for economy.

My opponent drew 2 through the campaign ability, iced R&D, then played two money (beanstalk and gamble, I think). I hit open HQ to see two cards (runner ability that adds access first click) no agendas, then hit with Account Siphon, top decking two cards from my hand due to Corp ability and then ending turn clearing tags.

I saw no more money for ages, using what I earned to play Network Key and Corroder, and trashing a Pad. I’m drawing two clicks and trying to play cards but not end with less than 3 credits. Eventually I choose to ditch Desperado over Special Order, wanting what little money I have for breakers.

Next turn I have six credits, one click, no additional programs installed, but Mammon, decoder, and killer in hand along with a Inside Job. Delgado, Sac Con are down.

If I install another breaker, I will trigger my caution (less than 3 credits). R&D has two ice and an upgrade. HQ one ice. I make my worst mistake yet and go for the Inside Job on R&D.

First ice is Enigma, bypass. Second ice is Executive Functioning, I have 4 creds, he bumps to 5 to land the brain. Upgrade is Lynn, I take the tag (another mistake), decide not paying two for double access, to get one card and not trigger my caution (only smart decision all click).

I draw Snare! and lose my entire hand, ending my turn with two tags.

I manage to survive those tags but lose Delgado and never recover my board state. Meanwhile my opponent scores 3 Armored Servers before I can get a decoder down. I make a hail mary run first click to try and access three cards, hit another Snare! and flatline.

I’ve mauled him the last few games so he was due a win. I now will face him using his last upgrade pack and me only a single game ahead.

He’s adapted well to my deep dig aggresive play. I’m going to shift gears and deck plan for moneying up and remote locking.

We both agree this has been a blast and will play again, switching sides.


This deeply sad story has made me think of something: if you were going to play again would you place with revised core or original core (Core Classic™)?


I think core plus terminal directive is interesting enough to warrant a second play now even if you’ve already gone through all the campaign