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Terminal Directive with the Revised Core?

So, I picked up Terminal Directive when it came out, but my regular opponents were on a summer hiatus and we’ve never gotten back to it. TD was recommended to be paired with just a core set, but is that still viable with the revised core?
Without any bad spoilers, did TD depend on cards that have been yanked from the core? Is that campaign still viable, or maybe different, or is it possibly broken now? Or should it still just be played with the old card pool?

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We played the campaign very recetnly with the revised core (two copies). Steve vs Seidr.

It did’t feel stupid to me, although I did snowball pretty hard with Steve by making use of derez effects in combination with Steve’s ability. Indexing also did a lot of work, but I’d imagine Medium would have done the same. Criminal econ is definitely worse though, so Ayla will probably be the stronger choice. With the addition of Test Run to core, Ayla will be set up really fast - not sure if corps can compete.

Anyway, I wanted a challenge, and I don’t like Android: Opusclicker.

One major factor is the lack of Corroder. Himitsu Bako is a really stupidly efficient ICE with the revised core + TD only. It’s 4c to break with Demara, 3c with Mammon, and the options that are actually somewhat efficient are 2 MU which is impossible for criminal. Ayla has an easier time with Dheghdeers, you could even play Morning Star.

The corp side changes are not as impactful since the most affected faction (NBN) isn’t in the campaign. Seidr might have liked an SSCG though. Weyland has no real kill threat without Scorched though.

I haven’t played the campaign with the original core so I can’t directly compare. It was an okay experience, mostly because I like playing with limited card pools.

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IIRC, Terminal Directive was tested with the Revised Core too, so it should work fine.