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The Astroscript Pilot Program was a Hoax! - Omar Keung Thread


If you like the idea of extra clicks but don’t want to make it a DLR deck, could you run Wanton? A 5-card Wanton strikes me as pretty strong. Also seems like there could be a lot of moving parts.


Played against Omar/Obelus for the first time yesterday. The Obelus ability is good with Turning Wheel and Medium and Temujin. I like. Omar’s ability itself fell flat when I put Ichi on archives. It had great pressure for a couple of early turns because I was not drawing enough ice. Could be good.


I think Obelus is great with any id. Its solid with Omar, but Anarchs as a faction tend to win off of R&D.

Also, rebirth into Omar nets you two influence for a card slot.


As with almost all cards, context is the key to finding the right choice.
Anarchs have (i m o) 3 consoles that are all worth considering right now, but tend to be chosen by the rig you run.
Obelus is niched against a more reg-ass build without Datasucker (as you will likely run into memory troubles), but that doesn’t use WyldCakes (as this gives you all the draw you need).

As for IDs arguably any Omar-deck is best used in Valencia with Rebirth…


I realize most people are dismissing Omar as just a Val rebirth target but here’s my regular-Anarch-stuff build. We want the Yog-Ice Carver-NRE ability to turn off code gates entirely so you can keep centrals open, and we use ice destruction to clear off other annoying pieces. There isn’t much of a plan against CTM or asset decks except to win on centrals before they do.

We want Grimoire over Obelus because the viruses are the strongest cards; extra accesses, especially with Nerve Agent, are more of a win condition than drawing cards. This build’s less interesting than the Siphon-Apocalypse-Stim Dealer stuff in this thread as it’s almost entirely what Whizzard looks like these days except in Omar. Still fun to try.

Reg Omar

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist (Escalation)

Event (10)

Hardware (3)

Resource (16)

Icebreaker (6)

Program (10)

6 influence spent (max 12-6★=6, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Escalation


I’ve been trying to come up with an Omar build that uses his conspiracy breakers and Frantic Coding, mostly for flavor reasons and not because it is necessarily a competitive deck. I tried to build a Frantic Omar deck off the Frantic Whizz template, but memory issues are such a big deal when you bring Magnum Opus into the deck.

Has anyone had anyone found an Omar build that uses his signature breakers and this event to good effect?

Here is an attempt at such a deck. The double Levy is probably excessive but when trashing so many cards and so much Ark Lockdown around, it felt safer to do 2xLARLA than 1x and a Same Old Thing.

Frantic Omar

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist (Escalation)

Event (25)

Hardware (2)

Resource (5)

Icebreaker (6)

Program (7)

12 influence spent (max 12, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Martial Law


I have my own Frantic Coding build, but I didn’t want it in Omar because Omar makes people ice archives.

I’m running 3 Femme’s and Retrieval run, so that’s not desirable.

Basically I pound inject and Frantic Coding to get Opus online and conspiracy breakers/femme in the bin. Then the idea is to vamp the corp and medium dig. DDOS is so strong.

It works better than I expected. But I think despite the fact that I want to be Omar it might hinder things (not to mention losing 3 influence).


Probably not among top players, but I am finding that Omar with a Medium and Vamp threat makes it hard for Corp to put solid ice on all three servers. Throw some cutlery in the mix and you can bring some pretty hard pressure, especially with MOpus to keep you in the money.

Again, this is Jinteki casual experience. I’m not claiming it is better than just starting as Whizzard and Rebirthing into Omar. I wanted to try to play a deck that featured the newest IDs in the game, though.


I’ve found that Siphon Omar is definitely legit. It has a rock solid CTM match up and can pull out all sorts of wins against other decks, as well as just cheesing off of Medium.


Latest version of my Frantic Omar deck.

Frantic Omar

Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist (Escalation)

Event (23)

Hardware (2)

Resource (4)

Icebreaker (7)

Program (9)

9 influence spent (max 12, available 3)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Martial Law

The Ice Carver is probably a slot that could go some where else. I hate have to pay that extra 2 or 3 credits when a conspiracy breaker comes 1 short of matching the strength of a particular piece of ice, though. A much better player than me at my local FLGS said he finds Omar to be “just okay,” and I can’t say I disagree wildly. This deck will not displace Whizzard, but it is fun to play and puts pressure on all the Corp’s centrals, forcing them to thin out the ice, which makes it hard to also strongly defend a remote.

Conspiracy breakers help manage the memory problems that playing Parasites can cause. Need some memory to install a Parasite? Just trash MKUltra. You can bring it right back when you need it.


Hey, I run a similar list, but in Whizzard (shocking, I know).

Have you considered Eater over Faust? I know Eater doesn’t give you accesses, but when paired with Vamp you can generally Vamp the corp to 0 and snag the agenda. If you do go the Eater route, you probably want Keyhole over Medium. The main advantage of Eater over Faust in this situation is the infinite credit source you have in MOpus.

Sifr can amp up your parasite ICE destruction if you want to go that way. I guess I didn’t need to say it, but it’s too late to go back now.

I think the 1x Knifed could be better at 1x Spooned. There are lots of big code gates around, and many corps are using Lotus Field and Magnet as an answer to Para-Sifr. You already have Paperclip to deal with barriers at optimal efficiency.

With both Faust and Frantic, I’d be worried about the amount of cards going into the bin with the amount of recursion you have. Even with just 3x Frantic, you’ll toss a lot of your deck into the heap.

How much is Dirty Laundry doing for you? You don’t have other economy that combos with successful runs (e.g. Temujin, Desperado, Datasucker). I would guess that once you have Mopus online, the DL’s aren’t offering much value over clicking for 2c. As Omar, every corp will ICE all 3 centrals, so you can only get the 3c uncontested against asset spam.


Yes, Whizzard is good, I hear.

I had not thought of Eater. The Faust is there for two reasons: 1) Apparently some people put Mother Goddess on servers without other ice. 2) Emergency universal breaker if my main breakers get Ark Lockdowned. I don’t like having to spend an influence on it, though. Eater might be an option.

The deck already has 2xSpooned for the very reason you pointed out. Black Orchestra is so bad vs. so many Code Gates.

Your point about the Dirty Laundry is spot on. I had Daily Casts in first build (never have too much money), but took them out because I never wanted to pay and click for them. Perhaps Dirty Laundry is in that same category. I worry about games where I don’t get MOpus or Frantic in the first hand and actually do need some money to pay for stuff until I find them.

I don’t usually play Frantic after I have found MOpus unless I just can’t dig up my breakers and I am in a desperate spot. Once the deck has its breakers and MOpus and a Medium on a Progenitor, the only cards I need in hand are Deja Vu and LARLA. Everything else can go in the bin because it is all there to get the rig set up.

Thanks for the discussion!


I wouldn’t play E-Hole in Omar. An ID ability that forces ice on archives doesn’t really synergize with Keyhole.


I’m shopping around a bit for a runner to focus on that has game against the blazing speed of Titan FA but isn’t a totally lost cause against glacier or grindy Jinteki decks. A couple of promising Omar lists are on NRDB now – Apoc, frantic mopus, some other toolboxy Aumakua decks are all looking pretty reasonable.

What are people trying out? eXer seems like a nice pickup for the ID, especially if you’re on the take-6-run-once plan. Getting an early Maw or Bhagat and multi-access on R&D helps attack FA combos. The other virus card that trigger on successful run all seem easier to land when central ice is spread on 3 servers rather than 2.

I feel like frantic mopus probably mills too many cards to have game against red decks, so I’m hesitant to lean too hard into it.


Frantic MOpus is fun, but you do live dangerously. Welcome to Anarch. If you want to be safe, play Shaper. In all seriousness, I would think there is a really good anti-rush build in Wu.

Losing Siphon was a big hit to counter surveillance Omar but Rogue Trading might help that deck.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Omar. Good luck.