The Automata Initiative Number Crunch and Spoiler Tracker

# Name Faction Type Source
1 Strike Fund Anarch Event Source
2 The Price Anarch Event Source
3 Solidarity Batch Anarch Hardware: Chip Source
4 Audrey v2 Anarch Program: Icebreaker - AI - Virus Source
5 Banner Anarch Program: Icebreaker - Fracter - Weapon Source
6 Monkeywrench Anarch Program: Trojan Source
7 Eru Ayase-Pessoa Anarch Resource: Connection - Clone Source
8 Hannah “Wheels” Pilintra Anarch Resource: Connection Source
9 Lago Paranoá Shelter Anarch Resource: Connection - Location Source
10 Mercury: Chrome Libertador Criminal Identity: Bioroid Source
11 Chrysopoeian Skimming Criminal Event Source
12 S-Dobrado Criminal Event: Run Source
13 Capybara Criminal Hardware Source
14 Hermes Criminal Hardware: Console Source
15 Curupira Criminal Program: Icebreaker - Fracter Source
16 Laser Pointer Criminal Program: Weapon Source
17 Saci Criminal Program: Trojan Source
18 Shibboleth Criminal Program: Icebreaker - Decoder Source
19 Debbie “Downtown” Moreira Criminal Resource: Connection Source
20 Arissana Rocha Nahu: Street Artist Shaper Identity Source
21 Joy Ride Shaper Event: Run Source
22 AirbladeX (JSRF Ed.) Shaper Hardware: Vehicle Source
23 LilyPAD Shaper Hardware: Console Source
24 Living Mural Shaper Program: Icebreaker - Killer - Trojan Source
25 Pichação Shaper Program: Trojan Source
26 Slap Vandal Shaper Program: Icebreaker - AI - Trojan Source
27 Umbrella Shaper Program: Icebreaker - Decoder - Weapon Source
28 Beatriz Friere Gonzalez Shaper Resource: Connection Source
29 Urban Art Vernissage Shaper Resource: Job - Ritzy Source
30 Bahia Bands Neutral Event: Run Source
31 Salvo Testing Haas-Bioroid Agenda: Security (5/3) Source
32 Stegadon MK IV Haas-Bioroid Agenda: Security (3/1) Source
33 Wage Workers Haas-Bioroid Asset: Bioroid - Clone - Industrial Source
34 Ablative Barrier Haas-Bioroid Ice: Barrier Source
35 Jaguarundi Haas-Bioroid Ice: Sentry - AP Source
36 M.I.C. Haas-Bioroid Ice: Code Gate Source
37 Greasing the Palm Haas-Bioroid Operation: Transaction Source
38 Vovo Ozetti Haas-Bioroid Upgrade: Sysop Source
39 A Teia: IP Recovery Jinteki Identity: Division Source
40 Fujii Asset Retrieval Jinteki Agenda: Ambush - Security (5/3) Source
41 Front Company Jinteki Asset: Political - Seedy Source
42 Attini Jinteki Ice: Code Gate - AP Source
43 Phoneutria Jinteki Ice: Sentry - AP - Observer Source
44 Tatu-Bola Jinteki Ice: Barrier Source
45 Mindscaping Jinteki Operation: Gray Ops *
46 Adrian Seis Jinteki Upgrade: Psi - Clone - Sysop *
47 Daniela Jorge Inacio Jinteki Upgrade: Sysop Source
48 Epiphany Analytica: Nations Individed NBN Identity: Division Source
49 Oracle Thinktank NBN Agenda: Research (3/1) *
50 Balanced Coverage NBN Asset: Seedy Source
51 Behold! NBN Asset: Ambush Source
52 Federal Fundraising NBN Asset: Political - Ritzy *
53 Starlit Knight NBN Ice: Sentry - Observer GLC $quest
54 Virtual Service Agent NBN Ice: Code Gate - Observer Source
55 Oppo Research NBN Operation: Terminal - Gray Ops Source
56 Your Digital Life NBN Operation Source
57 Slash and Burn Agriculture Weyland Agenda: Expansion - Expendable (4/2) Source
58 Cybersand Harvester Weyland Asset Source
59 Tree Line Weyland Ice: Barrier - Expendable Source
60 Valentão Weyland Ice: Code Gate - Illicit Source
61 Armed Asset Protection Weyland Operation: Transaction Source
62 Pivot Weyland Operation: Double Source
63 Angelique Garza Correa Weyland Upgrade: Ambush - Enforcer - Expendable Source
64 Tucana Weyland Upgrade Source
65 B-1001 Neutral Asset: Bioroid - Enforcer Source

Bold are confirmed cards and numbers. Italics are speculation. Regular font are confirmed information with missing parts (e.g. we know there are Sysops but we don’t know their names or their numbers).

On the Bridgeman Spoilers: Originally these cards were given to Bridgeman to be revealed on his YouTube Channel. However, as Bridgeman’s channel is largely about a card game licensed from a certain series of novels by a bad author (both in terms of their politics and their writing) they were also given to a group of Trans community members who spoiled them on GLC. Marbles, dreadmaw, asphyxia, Veronica.

Teasers from the Cycle announcement article. Note that this will appear in the cycle and don’t all have to appear in this set. With comments.

  • Lots of new connections, so you can build your revolutionary crew.
  • A cycle of sysops that all share an ability. NBN Sysop not in this set
  • A Shaper run event that targets HQ. Not in this set
  • A new 3-point agenda (sort of) for every Corp faction. Weyland not in this set
  • Three new weapons. All three in The Automata Initiative.
  • A subtype combination that has only appeared on one other card. “Connection - Location” on Lago Paranoa Shelter, previously only on Aesops Pawnshop
  • The first bioroid Corp card outside of HB B-1001, and the first card with both the clone and bioroid subtypes. Wage Workers

Hi there,

I decided to do the Number crunch and spoiler tracker here instead of Reddit because reddit kind of sucks.

Unfortunately the format is a bit bad at the moment because I am a new user and so can’t directly tag the sources as I am restricted to the links. I can now include more than two links in a post, so yay.


2023-07-21 10:50

  • Added basic structure based on a previous 65 card set, Midnight Sun.
  • Added cards from last weeks Announcement article.
  • Added some speculation from the list of hints in the Original announcement article.

2023-07-21 13:30

  • Added Mercury and Hermes.
  • Added additional information from the preview schedule article.

2023-07-22 12:20

  • Added S-Dobrado and Attini
  • Fixed placement of Capyara which must slot between S-Dobrado and Hermes

2023-07-22 18:09

  • Added Arissana and LilyPAD
  • Retagged cards #28-30 as Shaper. Seems like Runner cards may be 9 for Anarch (confirmed) 10 for Criminal (confirmed) and possibly 11 for Shaper. Maybe 10 and a neutral.

2023-07-23 08:05 - Added list of teasers from the cycle announcement article.
2023-07-23 12:10 - Added A Teia and Front Company
2023-07-23 18:10

  • Added Epiphany Analytica and Balanced coverage.
  • Made cards between A Teia and Epiphany Analytica fixed as Jinteki.
  • Added placeholders for Agendas assuming they follow the same pattern from NSG as before: If a corp gets an identity, they get one new Agenda. If they don’t they get two.

2023-07-24 10:00 - Added Virtual Service Agent hidden in the Peddler Draft
2023-07-24 11:14 - Added Mindscaping, Adrian Seis, Oracle Thinktank and Federal Fundraising.
2023-07-24 12:43 - Added Capybara, Chrysopoeian Skimming and Laser Pointer
2023-07-24 14:08 - Added Your Digital Life
2023-07-25 06:50 - Added Behold!
2023-07-25 08:40 - Added Valentão
2023-07-25 18:07 - Added Slash and Burn Agriculture, Cybersand Harvester, Tree Line, and B-1001
2023-07-25 19:29 - Added Eru Ayase-Pessoa, Living Mural, Vovo Ozetti, Oppo Reserach, Bahia Bands
2023-07-26 18:40 - Added Wage Workers, Jaguarundi, M.I.C. and Greasing the Palm
2023-07-27 06:57 - Added Strike Fund, Solidarity Batch, Lago Paranoa Shelter
2023-07-27 10:11 - Added Starlit Knight
2023-07-27 13:45 - Added Fujii Asset Retrieval, The Price, Banner and Audrey v2.


Welcome to Stimhack!

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Great work! This is fun.

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Excited to see this list take shape!

So with A Teia being #39 and Epiphany Analytica being #48, it seems like we will get 9 cards per Corp faction. The range for Jinteki cards is fixed now. We could theoretically get something like an additional HB card if they extend to 29, but that seems unlikely since corp already get six cards over runners and possibly HB actually gets short-changed again to 8 cards for it like it was in Midnight Sun. There is also the possibility of an additional NBN card over a Weyland card or the other way around.

I’ve also penciled in all the sysops but it is unlikely all four will be in this set.

Mercury’s release two days ago confirmed that Anarch will only get 9 cards which I already had fixed up. Criminal will get 10 cards after being boxed in by Arissana yesterday. The border between Shaper and HB is a bit wobbly at the moment as mentioned above. Could be that Shaper gets up to 11 cards.

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Card #51 is going to be “Behold!” NBN Asset. It was mistakenly revealed for a while on NRDB as the wrong image was linked to Balanced Coverage.


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I entirely missed it due to being asleep, and when I got up it was actually posted on the Fediverse, but I guess that at least makes it an official source.

IDK if it’s worth linking every card that has gone up on NRDB or not, but for ease of reference, this is the set listing on there: The Automata Initiative · NetrunnerDB.


Ahh, I guess the “cycle of sysops that all share an ability” refers to the ability to move them between servers, since we’ve now seen this on both Vovô Ozetti and Adrian Seis.

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Being able to actually track the changes you made to the list via the edit history is quite neat, here! (I don’t know if this was possible on reddit). Thank you so much keeping it updated, its very fun to see the set come together.


Are we sure that the shaper run event that targets HQ is in this set? The article mentions the Liberation Cycle as a whole

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Right. Sould be in italics. Will fix.

Looks like all the spoilers are done. Only thing left is for the full set to be revealed on Monday. 7 cards are completely unknown, Salvo Testing and Pivot are missing some key information on what they do, and similar for Airbalde though there are only a couple specifics missing.

  • 1 Anarch - likely a Program
  • 2 Criminal - One either a Hardware or program, the other almost certainly a connection.
  • We don’t know the entire text of Airblade X
  • 1 Haas-Bioroid - Likely an Ice, and we don’t know the full text of Salvo Testing.
  • 1 Jinteki - Definitely an ice
  • 3 Weyland cards including Pivot which we know the partial text of and cost.

Left for the second set in the cycle based on the hints are:

  • The NBN sysop and probably the Weyland one.
  • 3-point agendas for NBN and Weyland.
  • A shaper run event targeting HQ

Love the detail, love the updates you’ve been doing too!

(Wage workes is the one with clone and bioroid subrypes)

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Right, how did I miss that. Corrected that in the post above. Thanks.

Final update. Added the last remaining cards from the Reveal article and updated the cards that were only partially known with that link as well.


Thanks for doing this! Amazing work.