The Automata Initiative preview thread

We will be linking to all TAI cards in this thread as they are previewed. For now, here’s a link to the release date announcement.

Update: the schedule is now up.


Yes! I always wanted a holo-capybara in a bowl!

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Can the expansion have a tank icebreaker? one that breaks any type of subroutine? :stuck_out_tongue:

They have finished the expansion, I believe.

GS Sherman M3

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Funnily enough this card will rotate from standard when the Automata Initiative is released.

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What do you folks think of the first new card we know fully – Hannah “Wheels” Pilintra?

To me, a free run on a remote server per turn sounds very helpful against asset-spamming opponents. In those matchups, you will almost never get a tag from this card, I guess – often, a server won’t be ICEed up and even if the server disappeares mid-run (like trashing a Spin Doctor) it is not declared unsuccessful (it’s also not successful, to my knowledge).

I like the restrictions of the card: Wheels does not change anything with Deep Dive or cards of that ilk which care about runs on central servers and you cannot combine it with run events as you need a click for the ability.

The second ability – spending a click & trashing the card to remove a tag and gain 2 clicks definitely has its uses, too.


I really dig Wheels. I recently tried to make a Marathon + Ghosttongue + Aeneas Informant deck work and it just is too much influence. Wheels won’t do as much, but it could be a stable building block for that kind of run-based-economy. It is also versatile by being tag-protection-ish. Very cool design!



Can assume that the shaper Airblade card prevents meat damage since it’s a physical object. So we likely know the full text of that card as well.

I’m going to register a prediction that it’s net damage. The interrupt is only usable mid-run, and you don’t generally get meat damage during runs.


Agreed. The wheels aren’t physical, they aren’t on a surface, and the background looks like net space.

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But it’s a hardware

Yeah, but it might not really make sense. Or we’ll get to see what exactly is going on, when it comes up in a story.

Builder of nations rotating, possibly some weyland mid run meat damage tech incoming? also all “vehicle” subtypes that I can remember have been in physical meat space.

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Hmm. A hardware that prevents “when encountered” abilities on ICE… :thinking:

No card previews just yet, but we’re setting the scene early with this story by Chouxflower.


Surely we’ll get a new clone or bioroid runner in this set. Maybe both?

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Maybe even on the same card?? A bioroid from a clone braintape? A tag team duo?

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Omg, it’s true, Stimhack forums live again!