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The Best Animals at Worlds - by Sanjay


Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/the-best-animals-at-worlds-by-sanjay/

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Loved it. Chuckled at the Plan B include.


Great piece!

…nobody likes tapeworms, I see. And please don’t tell me they’re a part of Team Snake. They’re clearly not!


Great point!

Of course, I was bound to make a lot of oversights writing this article, but forgetting Tapwrm so far is probably the most meta significant one.

Despite my cheerleading for Team Bee, I do think I suffer from a pro vertebrate bias!


Susano disagrees with team ssssnake’s no mikoto policy.


What about Barnacles? Lamprey still in the card pool


You should stretch team bee to team hymenopterans and add Mutate and Creeper.

Oh, creep, Crapper rotated out.


@Sanjay fantastic. Glad to see Maw get tagged in another article before Worlds.

‘I heard Maw is a bad card that costs too much, which sounds like a comforting thing to think about as you are randomly trashing cards from your hand and getting crushed.’



@Sanjay Hoping you win worlds and then use some of your original art in your card.


Team Bee is missing Gary.


Someone on Facebook brought this to my attention and Gary Bee is officially in the running for the bee pin regardless of their deck.

I wish I had remembered Mutate… That was extremely off-brand of me.