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The Big List of Decks version 2

Hey everyone. Some of you might remember me attempting to put together a comprehensive list of archetypes a couple of years ago. With the increasing cardpool maintaining it became quite difficult and it fell by the wayside. Post rotation seemed like a good time to update it for the new meta!

I’ve done my best to collate some of everything, but there’s a few things that I’d really appreciate community input on. Firstly, I don’t know everything out there. Secondly, the way people build decks on NRDB means that often decks using cards from Core 1 will show up as not legal - for example, the Worlds runner up deck uses “Core 1” Sure Gambles. This makes it much more difficult to filter decks.

If you have an idea for something that should be on there (and, very importantly, a sample decklist to go with it) then please let me know! Hopefully this can be a solid resource for newer players, or more experienced players looking for something to try.


That’s an epic amount of work, well done! :slight_smile: I confess though I went straight for the pre-rotation archetypes so I could get a nostalgia hit. Oh and I noticed a minor thing, the decklist you link to for “IG Flatline” is actually for a glacier deck.

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