The Board plays... Exchange of Information!

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Just to say it, I would love to support you doing what you are doing, through whatever platform, without getting anything back. Love you for doing it!
If you want you could provide us with the real cards 1 week earlier. This should be no issue as proxies are allowed.


I always appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:

Having to create proxies still puts an unfair burden on some players, especially those without access to a printer. Once the NISEI-designed expansions begin dropping (early next year) events will be happening regularly, so this may cause an issue.

There are many ideas floating around our workspace though so I’m sure we’re bound to come up with something.

To elaborate a bit on that. You spend you’re time to support Nisei. Not everyone is able to do it but would like to do something. So for me, paying an amount per month would feel like doing something.

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I have some plans in my head - I need to get them written down to run past the rest of the board but to do that I need to get The Week of Madness out of the way first :slight_smile: