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Hypothetically: Will there be a NIESI version of System Core 2019 (perhaps with the new card art, whatever that may look like) that a new player could possibly order (I hesitate to use the word purchase)?

Us OldRunners can just swap cards around and the only inconvenience is trying to remember where I put my rotated cards. If a new player wanted to start playing, it might be hard for them to track down the cards (or they might not be willing to invest the time into proxying everything).

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Heads up to people, I’ll be using the questions for the Q&A tomorrow so you won’t get an answer for 24 hours! :slight_smile:


Exciting stuff, loving the direction <3

So 1 additional ID will be saved from rotation for all factions?

(Hayley, Hayley, Hayley, Hayley, Hayley, Leela, Hayley, Hayley, Hayley, Geist, Hayley, Hayley, Hayley, Hayley)



I was wondering this. We have a member in our meta that over the years has had to minimize some of his collection. Long story short he only has the Cores, Deluxe, TD and World Champ decks.

I was about to say I completely agree with the Hayley, Hayley… request but then I remembered there’s Nasir in the same card pool. I’m torn between my two favourite IDs. Although I can’t imagine Nasir being a good choice even for as the advance ID in a core box. He can confuse even advance players (thank you laminated timing sheet) and really needs some support cards (I’m so hoping Personal Workshop returns).

I’m look forward to see what will be coming.

Any thought to creating a new faction in the future? I feel like Anarchs can be a bit too broad, and also it’d be fun to have some other corps to hack like MegaBuy or Melange Mining Corp.

holds up a giant “GLOBALSEC” sign

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I love Nasir. I don’t see him ever existing in a HHN and tag-heavy meta. ;-(

Sweet. I’ve always felt that tags are a better way to punish economy than to decisively end a game (Lookin at you, Weyland. You know what you did.) Especially because it opens up the option on the Runner side to run a tag-resilient economy that’s less powerful, but harder to disrupt. PLAYER CHOICES

I almost think meat damage should be tied to something that isn’t tags, but I can’t think of what that could be. Credit differential maybe, but that feels odd. Would a version of Scorched Earth or BOOM! that requires a disadvantageous trace to succeed be valid? Like:
Targetted Assassination - 5 credits - Double - Black Ops
Trace0 - If successful, deal 6 meat damage to the Runner.
“They’re expensive, but they make the problem… disappear.” --Mr. Stone

What’s that? Another reason HHN is a terrible card? Okay.
takes soapbox elsewhere

This sounds really promising!

This looks good. Are there any artificial unique card limits to the System Core (i.e Core had 113, and Revised Core had 132)?

Will new System Core sets come out each year/rotation?

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There’s no artificial limit, just what makes the best experience we can create.

Right now we expect a new core to come out each year, but rotation will be tied to the release of new card sets (with a few odd exceptions)

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Is Greg willing to give us a ballpark number of unique for System Core 2019 at this time? More than 132?

“Very similar to revised core” is the answer I got.

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