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The Brits Are Coming - Who Else?


The British contingent has doubled in size since last year, and while we’ve lost a couple of our Top 16 competitors from last time round, we’ve got more of the big guns in tow.

Last year, the Brits got four Top 16 places, and other Europeans another four - half of the total!

Who else is coming from afar? What chance is there of glory for Team Everyone Else In The World? Can the Commonwealth provide? Canada - who are you bringing to help take places off the Americans? Australia? Europe?

With the coming of the Colonial elections just after Worlds it could well be the Apocalypse - trash all your cards and the borders are closed. This is our time Rest of the World… are you with us?!

If not, see you at the European Championships next year. :smiley:


NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition! 4 coming from Spain.


I think we are 7 from Stockholm that will participate this year and represent the cold north.
If we are good enough remains to be seen, even if Yoshi placed well last year. Happy to see more europeans in general!


This year i’m coming alone from Poland.

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I know of quite some Germans that will be there.
ff0x, Tradon, Dahill, Jackmade, Falk, Mythras and myself.
There will be two more who didn’t get tickets for the Netrunner
event, but will take part in KoS and maybe Icebreaker.



One year you really have to talk Kristian into coming, if nothing else so he can teamworkcast live from worlds!


I will try to! :slight_smile:

No Belgian this year I’m afraid :frowning:

14 coming from Toronto alone! I dunno about the rest of Canada.

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I’m representing Hungary solo :slight_smile:


4 from Montreal!

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We’ll just have to pull another 1776 and kick you guys out again.I think 'Merica has taken it down every year.

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3 from Ireland this time, including reigning top Shaper, Noonan.


2 from Austria
Korrigan and Procf

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1 only from France, the actual nat champ.