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The Death of Genesis (Cycle)

Here’s my extensive article filled with my opinions on all of the cards of the Genesis cycle that are going to be out of the game due to the rotation. (Article about the Spin cycle coming tomorrow!)
<<<< Link to the article >>>>

I’ve categorized the cards for your ease of reading as well. :slight_smile:

Feel free to comment with your opinion, but remember that this is an opinion article.

(My apologies if it took me a bit longer than it should have, since I had said that I would have prepared this in the past month. I did go to 7k words just for you though! ^^)


Yay! Snowflake love! I too play it all the time.

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I honestly do not know what I am going to do without Snowflake :worried:
Caprice Nisei, as much as I love her, I can let her go, but not Snowflake…
Hokusai Grid is also a big hit for me personally. I always loved that region and it was a go-to solution for annoying runners both cards and credits wise.

CT is gonna be a huge loss for me. I loved her character and I loved CT Stimshop.

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I will miss CT as well. Only Shaper I have ever played; that slim deck is everything.

This whole rotation thing always made me feel better about loving IDs that are in deluxe sets by the way (Silhouette, Nisei Division). It makes feel as if I’m at a safe place that people can’t mess with… :sunglasses:

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there are far too many asset-spam decks going around and people will
have to find other ways to deal with those. I recently learnt what it
means “to moby” against asset spam decks and I find it so reasonable to
do that against those decks since not even Whizzard can deal with them
in some cases



Always. It is always exquisitely interesting (even funny in some cases) how different cultures and people from varied backgrounds define “class” :wink:

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a group of students who are taught together.