The Deep Stack

“I once saw someone running a seven-tier nested daemon tree. Not for any good reason, just to see if he could. Well, of course the root daemon crashed and he lost everything. I wonder what he’s up to now?” —Kate “Mac” McCaffrey

Inspired by Leprechaun, I tried my hand at creating the deepest, biggest possible program structure I possibly could while still remaining legal.

It failed.

So I enlisted the help of the Stimhack Slackchat and together we created an utter monstrosity!

The challenge? Get as many cards, as much MU, and as many layers deep as you possibly can all starting from a single point.

The rules? It has to be legal and the only other card that can influence the stack is your ID.

I present to you: The Deep Stack

The ID we ended up using is The Masque, because of her infinite influence.

I hope this is finally correct because it took a number of revisions already!

And because stats are important:
32 MU
29 Cards
31 Credits (not including a reimbursement of 13 from Scheherezade)
7 Layers
And a lot of influence!


So Omni Drive is a good first pick in draft

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You can put all the cloud breakers on your Sherry too. and Personal Touch…

No link :slight_smile: but could put personal touches on the endless hungers!

Since you’re using Masque and given there is no individual card limit in draft can you not go deeper by simply nesting more and more daemons? Each Djinn could hold a Magnum Opus and another Djinn…

why not just infinite stack leprechauns and endlesshungers if you’re going for an mu record?

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Yeah it’s true I’m using the draft ID, but I was keeping to a constructed limit :stuck_out_tongue: forgot to mention that! Though I super it’s somewhat self evident since you can just go infinite otherwise.

Can’t the left and right Djinn still host two additional MU? For example a thrid Datasucker and 3xLamprey.

Yes they can! Even with slack chat help we couldn’t make it the best it could be :C

Host the right most djinn between the other 2 for an additional layer. And if you host the scherezade on a djinn instead of a leprechaun, you can host another hyperdriver.

Jenga Drive