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The Devil and The Dragon Community Review and Meta Predictions (Runner)

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/the-devil-and-the-dragon-community-review-and-meta-predictions-runner/

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Consume + Hivemind a non-bo? I don’t know if there’s enough there even if it isn’t, but I’m curious if the counters are removed from hivemind (it seems like they would be). I just wanted this to be the new Gorman Drip for fun virus jank and I don’t think it is.

That said, it’s Friday Chips 4-6 in terms of gaining counters and the virus breakers don’t exactly care where they are. 5 influence is steep, but what else is virus anarch going to import?! Maybe a Chakana for the lulz?

Why would they get removed? The clause that removes the counters is self-referencial on Consume so it would seem as though only counters on that specific card would be affected. I could be wrong though, I’m hardly the rules authority around here.

EDIT: Yeah, definitely wrong. Refer to the FAQ and ignore everything I said.

It’s the wording on Hivemind I’m concerned about. It says “Virus counters on Hivemind are considered to be hosted on all other virus programs for the purposes of card effects…” (bold on original, italics added).

Ah I can see the confusion now, didn’t actually bother to go and look up the Hivemid text to clarify. Probably going to need an FAQ to be sure how it’s supposed to work.

The UFAQ for The Devil and the Dragon says that the counters are removed from Hivemind as well when you use Consume.


Virus counters on Hivemind are considered to be hosted on all other virus programs for the purposes of card effects (and can be spent as if on them).


click: Gain 2 credit for each hosted virus counter, then remove all virus counters from Consume.

I think the rationale is that the Hivemind counters are considered to be hosted on Consume (from Hivemind’s text), so when you use Consume’s click ability, “remove all virus counters from Consume” also hits the Hivemind counters (which are “considered to be hosted on” Consume).

More subtly, this means that if you were planning on using those sweet Hivemind counters to keep your Aumakua or Darwin strong, using Consume will weaken them.


I disagree with comparing the knob-creek console to memstrips in a vacuum.

The install cost is yucky but there are multiple ways to recoup the 2 creds. It’s just niche as all hell.

I’ve seen a deck yesterday with Knobkierie, Friday Chip, Imp and the new Apex card. Played out of Ed Kim with cutlery. Played just one game against it so not sure how strong it is, but definitely annoying, similar to Noise.

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I’m not too worried about Psychic Field just yet (and it seems to me that if criminal ever gets good enough for people to pack 419 hate, that would be cause for celebration), but for those who are, how do you feel about No One Home as a counter?

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NOH sounds like a good counter to PsiField to me. Hopefully you’re richer than them, else still risk Neural EMP followup.