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The DIY card renovation thread



Just another casualty to whitewashing.

(It’s a joke. Please don’t get political.)


i don’t disagree with you, but is this card the one that fits into that vein?

like what about Code Siphon needed to be a run on HQ instead of R&D just because ‘it’s boring for all of the faction cards to be the same server’

Code Siphon is a mediocre card that needs to be fixed in some way for it to see any use, but what you’ve done is not only change to server target, you’ve increased the tag penalty, you’ve added an additional effect. it still fetches a program, but the cost reduction effect is also quite different. at this point, it’s not a card renovation, it’s just an entirely new card altogether.

[quote=“higgs_bozo, post:20, topic:8796”]
If you want to design a run event that sees play, it either has to be power-creep on the best run events targeting the faction-specialized server, or, and I think this is more interesting, it has to target a different server in a faction-appropriate way.
[/quote]i think what you’ve done is go in the opposite direction and simply remake Account Siphon with green effects and green border

i also disagree that Anarch works just as much on all servers. sure, Medium and Nerve Agent allow amazing multi-access, but only insomuch as it fits with Anarch’s colour pie of dismantling corp servers and then hitting them when they’re vulnerable. Medium doesn’t really work if the corp ICEs up R&D too much for the runner to reliably get in enough to make repeated runs on a single turn, so ICE destruction is one of the primary enablers of getting it to work (i know lots of stuff has changed since the core to make Medium way more oppressive, and i won’t dispute that at all, but at its core, Medium is a very Anarch thing, despite being currently the best R&D digging tool available)

Sneakdoor Beta is a run on archives, but it’s still pressure for HQ

i don’t think Code Siphon fits into 'it shouldn’t be a run on R&D because it’s boring’
i think Code Siphon doesn’t see play, not because it’s just another run event on R&D, but because it’s generally a bad effect for the costs involved. simply changing it to HQ doesn’t fix that, but if you do fix the effect, does it really justify switching servers now?


Flipping around random cards I’ve forgotten about, but think they’d be interesting if they were color-shifted.
Franchise City. Change it to a Weyland card, and I think it’d be wonderful to run along with Public agendas.


Datasucker, Obelus, Maw, Omar, Retrieval Run, Keyhole, Lamprey, DLR, Wanton Destruction, Bhagat, Vamp…


Was going to list those, but you beat me to it. But I’ll add the others I’ve found that haven’t been added yet:

Compare that with just 6 for Shaper and 7 for Criminal (not including all servers cards like Desperado, Security Testing, Temujin Contract, and central-only breakers, if you do the number is 13). Far less than Anarch gets for non-Archives cards (25).


I took a stab at rebalancing most of the power cards in the game. Let me know what y’all think.

Runner neutral
  • Blackmail: “As an additional cost to play Blackmail, the corp removes 1 bad publicity…”
  • Wireless Net Pavilion: unique
  • Employee Strike: 2 inf
  • Mad Dash: 1 inf. Brain instead of meat
  • Corroder: 3 cost
  • Datasucker: 2 cost, 2 inf
  • Medium: 5 cost
  • Mimic: 4 cost
  • Parasite: 3 cost, 3 inf
  • Yog.0: 4 cost, 2 strength. “1c: Break any number of code gate subroutines.”
  • D4v1d: “Trash: Break up to 3 subroutines on a piece of ice that has 5 or more strength.”
  • Adjusted Chronotype: 2 inf Shaper
  • Turntable: 3 cost
  • Faust: 4 cost, 0 strength
  • DDoS: “Click, trash: Choose a piece of ice. The corp cannot rez that ice this turn.”
  • Paperclip: 3 cost, 0 strength
  • Rumor Mill: 3 cost, 3 inf. “…Name a card. The text box of assets or upgrades with the chosen name are blank.”
  • MKUltra: 3 cost
  • Sifr: No MU. “When you encounter a piece of ice with X strength, you may add X power counters to Sifr in order to lower the strength of that ice to 0 for this encounter. Your maximum hand size is reduced by 1 for each power counter on Sifr. When your turn begins, remove 1 power counter from Sifr.”
  • Account Siphon: 3 cost
  • Desperado: 5 cost
  • Temujin Contract: “…The first time you make a successful run on the chosen server each turn…”
  • Aaron Marron: 1 counter per score/steal
  • Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: 0 link
  • Clone Chip: 2 cost, 3 inf
  • Astrolabe: 2 cost
  • Cerberus “Lady” H1: 2 strength
  • Synthetic Blood: 2 inf Anarch
  • Beth Kilrain-Chang: 4 cost
  • Net Mercur: 1 cost, no longer stealth. “The first time you spend at least 1c from a stealth card each run, gain 1c or draw 1 card.”

Corp neutral
  • NAPD Contract: 1 inf
  • Breaker Bay Grid: 1 rez
  • Global Food Initiative: 2 inf
  • Mumba Temple: 2 rez. 10 or fewer ice for alliance
  • Museum of History: Add “If Museum of History is trashed while active, remove it from the game.”
  • All political assets: 1 trash cost
  • Engineering the Future: “The first time you install a piece of ice each turn, gain 1c.”
  • Eli 1.0: 3 strength
  • Architect: 1 strength. Pay install cost for first sub
  • Fairchild 2.0: 2 strength
  • Fairchild 3.0: 3rd sub becomes “Do 1 brain damage.”
  • Friends in High Places: 2 inf, 1 trash cost. Add “Remove Friends in High Places from the game.”
  • Violet Level Clearance: “Gain 8c and draw 3 cards.”
  • Hostile Infrastructure: 4 trash cost
  • Caprice Nisei: 3 rez. Add “…Otherwise, trash Caprice Nisei.”
  • Marcus Batty: 1 rez
  • DNA Tracker: 9 rez
  • Astroscript Pilot Program: 1 agenda point
  • SanSan City Grid: 8 rez
  • Jackson Howard: 1 rez
  • Midseason Replacements: trace3
  • Near-Earth Hub: 50/15
  • 24/7 News Cycle: Double. “As an additional cost to play 24/7 news cycle, pay click. Forfeit an agenda. If you do, resolve the ‘when scored’ effect of another agenda in your score area.”
  • Archangel: 3 trash cost
  • Resistor: 1 rez, 1 strength
  • Sensie Actors Union: 1 rez. “When your turn begins, draw 2 cards if there is no ice protecting this server. If you do, place 1 card from HQ on the bottom of R&D.”
  • Exchange of Information: 2 cost. “Play only if the runner has 2 or more tags…”
  • Controlling the Message: trace3, can be prevented
  • Hard-Hitting News: 4 cost, trace2
  • Traffic Accident: 2 inf
  • Mumbad City Hall: “1c, click: Search R&D for an alliance card, reveal it, and add it to HQ.”
  • BOOM!: 5 inf



  • am confused about one of your inclusions in “Shaper Power Cards”
  • am excited thinking about the change you suggested to that card
  • more excited than I am confused

Clan Vengeance ahoy!


Haha, Synthetic Blood is just a straight swap for Adjusted Chronotype. I think swapping their factions makes more flavor sense, improves game balance, and also happens to open up some cool new deckbuilding options :wink:


Timmy for lead designer! (jkjk boggs you’re great too)