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The Future is Now

Can we talk about how good this card is?


I ran it last night in my Haapsichord deck, and I will be running it in all future decks. I am convinced it is one of the best corp cards right now. It is seriously amazing.

Need economy? Fish it out.

Is the runner missing a breaker type? Go grab ETR ICE of the appropriate type.

Throw in that one of ICE that can’t be broken by AI to deal with the Faust shenanigans, secure in the knowledge you can dig it out.

Need to fish out the missing piece to the SEA/Scorch/Scorch package? Easy peasie.

How about that biotic?

Seriously, all of our decks are built on SOME combo, and this is a non-specific tutor that triggers off of doing something that we wanted to do anyway that isn’t too hard to score out and if it is stolen, there is no down side other than a single point being lost.

Best of all, there is no need to reveal what you just fished out.

I honestly can’t imagine building a deck without for a while. That’s probably not good from a game design standpoint, but it is great for corp play, I kind of feel like we might have needed something like this for a while (I honestly prefer corp to running).

Anyone else feel the same way or am I just fanboied out over it for no good reason?

(edit: sorry if there is a topic for it somewhere, I didn’t see one at a quick scan)


I like how FFG has been pushing the 3/1 power level with this and chronos project. While Chronos was a very situative blowout effect, paying 3$ and 3clicks to score TFIN seems reasonable at almost any moment in the game. Choosing agenda compositions might become way more interesting now.


Yeah my deck also had Chronos and it was in my opening hand. It was basically worthless. The only time really that TFIN’s ability is worthless is if it is the 7th agenda point. I guess since it isn’t a “May” ability, it might force you to discard, but even so, you would know that and pick something you don’t mind discarding? Even so, if you had some kind of archive trap in your deck, even that is of value (I have TGTBT - so I wouldn’t even mind that).

To be fair, this is true of all agendas but the ones which protect themselves (all of which are generally considered amazing). Honestly, I think TFIN seems amazingly costed. A 3/1 is really rough. But general purpose tutoring you don’t even have to reveal is really good! I also like the fact that it seems like less of a boon to Corps with amazing agendas than it is to Corps with comparatively poorer agendas.

Yeah that was kind of my point in that it isn’t ever really bad. And as a 3/1 that is usually kind of hard to fit in but that ability is so good in play. I just tossed it in because it was a 3/1in Haarp, but man, in play it was nuts.

Not to be the wet blanket, but it’s really hard to justify this outside of certain IDs (you know the ones: PE, Haarp, Argus) just because it’s a 3/1.

Chronos makes its way into some decks because, while it is situational, when it works out it wins the game for you. I can’t imagine losing a deck slot to put this in a deck in place of a more efficient agenda.


I switched two of these into my HBFA deck over the Chronos Projects it had, and have been very happy with the change. That said, I don’t think it really fits in many other decks, and I would switch them for 2/1s in a heartbeat.

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Insane in HB:FA. Thats reason enough for it to exist. Its also good in butchershop…to some extent…also NEARPAD…again, to some extent.

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I think there’s an argument for this over Chronos in the 9 agenda RP lineup. You still will rarely score it but being able to tutor out a Niesi could be powerful on occasion.


Being able to tutor something out of your deck, and then insta-install it using Team Sponsorship seems pretty amazing to me. Gonna have to make this deck.


So I guess HB is becoming the tutor/recursion Corp of the bunch. TFIN, Team Sponsorship, ABT, Architect… These all work so brilliantly well together.

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Honestly,all it’s missing is a way to throw stuff in the bin outside of ABT, Anarch-style. Maybe Power Shutdown? Doesn’t seem amazing on the surface.

You are at matchpoint and only agenda in hand is TFIN? IAA it and the runner has to go broke trying to get into your remote or scratch out his last (probably inefficient) central access. Next turn, if he didn’t steal TFN, you go A, score -> tutor NAPD, IA. If he was able to break into your remote, he probably spent an arm and a leg to get there.


Actually, IAA -> TFIN (or IA ->TFIN and take cred, or whatever) seems awesome at every point in the game where the runner is able to pressure the remote. TFIN may introduce those is-this-an-agenda-or-is-it-just-crap shenanigans to RP (and glacier decks in general). These moves are much worse with Chronos if nothing important is in the heap.
TL;DR: TFIN is a less situational advanceable trap than Chronos :smiley:

It seems like TFIN helps out combo decks, specifically powershutdown combo decks. Anyone tested out a punitive counterstrike, EMP combo out of PE? Is that even do-able. I’ll admit, I’ve never played PS combo :confused:

I had low expectations when I put it in, but it was really amazing. There are almost always scoring windows when you can sneak it out and when you do, that tutor lets you completely snowball the one of options I would never have considered before. I am seriously considering swapping out my 4/2 from other decks along with 1 random 2 of for 2 of these for playtesting purposes, I was that impressed.

Seriously, even if your skeptical give it a go a couple of times.