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The Future of Flippable Identities

I think the biotech id could be based around pretty much the same thing, it’d probably be a heavy damage based deck. You can’t go below 2 cards for the fear of dying, so you’ll play more carefully, and slower. You can’t just assume once you’ve hit all the snares, and taken all the net damage, and only have your grip left to play with, that there’s no more danger of running R&D, or there’s no more worry about ambushes. And hey, who wouldn’t like to score a nisei mark 2 from 0 advancements in 1 turn? you could even have a version that plays with aggressive secretary that can score a future perfect from 1 token. Either way, just put a bunch of traps and ambushes, and make it a point of having threatening facedown cards. Tricky to put your thumb on what it does is the main threat of biotech I think.