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The Future of Flippable Identities

So, assuming this isn’t just a one off idea where do you think they’ll go, both rules and flavor wise, with flippable identities?
I think that a flippable identity for runners is inevitable should they decide to move forward with the idea, and that Shaper is the perfect faction for it. This in mind, I remembered another proposed Shaper identity that was supposed to feature three individuals working as one.
I think that we may yet see The Collective, though in a very different form.
Thoughts on future identities like this for either side?

They should not make any more flippable identities. It’s a cool idea but using it too much makes it far less cool.

There’s a hell of a lot of unused design space, and this space has already been explored (in the faction where it makes sense too). Flippable IDs are a cool idea but not more than once, if nothing else because it’s a lot to remember.


While I agree that it’s been done in corp and doesn’t need to be explored further, because its already been done well, I think that a flippable identity in runner could bring something interesting to the table if only because for once the runner knows something the corp doesn’t besides the content of their deck and hand.

Sybil may start the game with any of her personalities in play. Sybil may swap personalities at the beginning of her turn by taking 1 brain damage (unpreventable).

Mary: Prevent the first meat or net damage you receive each turn.
Mike: Reveal the top card of your stack at the beginning of your turn. If it’s a program, you may pay 1 credit to draw the card.
Peggy: 1 recurring credit to spend on icebreakers each turn.

They’re only voices…


I wouldn’t mind to see a really strong runner that starts strong but then becomes different/weaker after caught by the corp.

So a strong powerful side, and a weaker drawback side that you flip over after they are tagged x times or take x damage.

I guess you don’t need 2 sides to do this but it would be cool to have different art after they are caught :D.

If we are only going to get one flippable runner and one flippable corp, Jinteki and Anarch do seem to be the most appropriate, thematically.

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Maybe the ID “flips” if you are ever flatlined? So you don’t totally die, but are hampered??


So the lawnmower man version of sacrificial clone?

My favorite ideas, as stolen from the Reddit thread along the same lines, were these:

-An anarch who is flipped every turn, alternating between three and five click turns.

-A criminal with a civilian alias, flipping to change their ID. Maybe it flips whenever they are tagged, and vice versa.


a flippable runner should be anarch if introduced. I like the idea of flipping the card when you take brain damage. plenty of it in anarch, its thematic, and generally speaking taking brain damage isn’t helping so you keep the anarch flavor of “not giving a shit” or “living on the edge”.

A flippable runner that happens when you are flatlined, which gives you a major bonus. This would cause the corp not not want to flatline you, meanwhile you are trying to flatline yourself!! #ultimatetroll


Why does this even need to flip, though? You can very easily make an ID that says “The first time per game you are about to be flatlined, instead of being flatlined, place one power counter on X. Whilst X has a power counter, they read…” or something similar.

You absolutely do not need to flip the ID to explore this design space.


lol this example is already way too long, textually

Yet it’s still far easier for a new player to learn than a flippable ID.

I’d say flippable ID is pretty damn easy. “You can click this three times to do this. If you forget what you can do, just look at the back of the card.”

speaking of, Biotech just seems terrible to me. It can only flip once, right? if not, it’d be awesome to make a Power Shutdown abuse deck. if so, seems about as good as Nisei, which is to say, there is no reason to ever play with it. if you want janky fun IG and Harmony seem much more fun and better

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Not that it is any major consolation, but you don’t have to decide which Biotech you are until after your opponent shows you which ID they are right? So if you built a deck that could hypothetically capitalize off of two or (SOMEHOW) all three of the abilities, you could either cover up a weakness or capitalize on a good match up.

Of course, in the real world… I don’t think we have the unicorn cards that let us do this.

Myriad you are correct, I believe you see your opponents ID.

Jinteki’s flippable ID only really seems playable with the archives ability, which is something unique and awesome.

The quadruple advance is pretty meh, especially for three clicks.

The 2 net is pretty meh without extra clicks.

I guess Housekeeping could be pretty okay with the net damage?

yeah the archives is the only usable one IMO. but only being able to do it once… meh. seems simply suboptimal ID

I can see the new flippable ID as a Nisei Rush deck who can take the archive version when he play against Noise.