The Giant Battleaxe

Hello everybody, yesterday, I updated my Quetzal deck, The Giant Battleaxe. My goal is to make a really powerful deck using only System Gateway and System Update 2021.


If you have any ideas on how to improve it using only SG & SU21, please comment!

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I think your list is really cool but might be tuned to get better results against more of the field. cards Id probably change are:

  • career fair. Good but you probably want more resources to make full uce of this. 3rd liberated and 3 earthrise hotel for example.

  • T400 memory diamond is kinda of a weaker card in general. You might have MU issues so I understand having some but 3x means that you want to see the card early witch is not the case most often. I personally would use your leftover influence to import 2x PennysHaver to replace atleast 2 of these.

  • Cookbook, Ice carver, Xanadu These all are unique resources that are not mandatory to your gameplan. Cutting 1 of each and replacing them with more economy would probably make the deck get off the ground faster.

  • Breakers, Having 3x of each seems way too much. If you replace the extra breakers with draw you will find them at the same consistancy and then not draw into extra dead cards after you have installed them. Also you have extra ways of breaking ice in botulus.

  • botulus and fermenter. Probably the two most powerful viruses in the sg+su format. Id take full set of both.

  • Egret ends up probably being bit too situational of a card. Replacing this with econ might help you being able to continiously run.

So basically cut cool flavourful cards to add extra economy. Witch is kinda boring I know.

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I have no disagreements at all. Thanks for the ideas a lot! I’ll use them for my deck.

Note: I have a version of this deck under design. It will include items from every startup expansion