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The Jank You'll Miss Most

Forget about JHow, Scorched, Siphon and Parasite. This thread is for the terrible cards that you love but now won’t get to play (or try to think of a way to play) any more.

Alpha & Omega: These were really cool but underpowered. Instead of dividing ice by type or strength or server, they looked at the position in the server. Some corp players don’t plan on making deep servers to avoid the increasing install costs. I forgot they were on here and was planning an Alpha + Spear Phishing deck.

Big Brother: As many pointed out, runners with tags usually ignored them or died right after getting them. But if you had been in a situation where the runner was trying to clear their tags, this would have been so strong.

Chimera: Not jank, but I definitely overused it. Paying repeatedly I can handle. If it ate a Parasite after keeping the runner out once, I guess that’s just Parasite for you. But SMC basically negating this card’s whole advantage made me sad. And there has been no replacement card to tell the runner “go get a full suite or an AI for this” (I like Changeling though).

Djinn: Also not jank, but I used it where I could. Saving influence compared to having another Medium, and also adding the consistency of being able to tutor up a Crypsis in an emergency, was surely worth a click and a few credits. Not everyone agreed with me.

Edge of World: There are three ways to use this card, and none of them worked. (Never advance, run it alongside must trash assets, or use whirlpool and deflectors / aginfusion to force the runner into it). I have been killed by it though.

Janus 1.0: Who can resist wanting to use the biggest ice around? Even if you paid the full rez cost rather than cheating it out, the runner still had a lot of options to deal with it.

Kraken: All I wanted was some immediate and influence free ice destruction. Couldn’t they have spared this considering we just lost Parasite?

Muckraker: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32848/a-deck-by-muckraker

Starlight Crusade Funding: Before we knew that there’d be a rotation, we always said “eventually there’ll be enough doubles in the game to make this worth playing”. If they ever add a Legacy format, maybe that will still happen.

Tsurugi: I paid influence for this ice that others wouldn’t play in their Jinteki decks. It was perfect to me: $4 to get through with Mimic, 2 turns to kill with Parasite, hurt people on facecheck (only if you let them through and paid $1 though), or kept them out if you needed to protect something important. There is no substitute.

Wyrm: I always liked this because it could break almost every ice (except Lotus Field and Swordsman) with credits alone, not requiring a special resource. Still, I knew it was inefficient and always had something to help it out, like insta parasite https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/37378/androwyrm or e3 https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/32871/nexus-quetzal


I adore Edge of World. What a beautiful monster that card is.

There are a lot of different ways to be janky, but I know what really gets me excited is unbounded effects. While realistically, doing more than 3 brain damage with Edge of World is better than you can usually expect, the fact that there is no technical limit (besides the ice you put in your deck) on something as exciting to dole out as brain damage is so incredibly enticing.

I played a lot of games with this deck. I tried so hard to get the Defense Construct + Edge of World dream to happen, but it never quite happened. I won games, but I never successfully baited someone into a lethal Edge of World by advancing a garbage construct.

I’m gonna miss Edge of World. Hope I get to to draft it a lot playing Rotation Cube.


I’m with you on Chimera. In the brief period where it was legal at the same time as AgInfusion I had a lot of success with it. It served as an early gear check and the self de-rez was useful because as soon as it stopped stopping them, it turned into an Ag trigger.

The card I miss the most hands down is Oversight AI. Blue Sun feels so weak without it and it makes me sad.


For Runner, Crescentus for me, I guess :confused:
Sure, in a non-MWLed CC world, this gets really op, but that one was fun !

For Corp, this would be Subliminal Messaging, followed by Tsurugi.

Crescentus, Personal Workshop (not jank, but enabled heaps of it) and Djinn definitely. Oh and Janus 1.0, used with the Twins and Howler and Whirlpool - that was my favorite jank HB.

By the way, the best way to land Edge of World is to put it in the bin and have Marcus Batty in a remote with Crick or Architect (can also store EoW in grip for architect). Fire Batty after runner says yes to “access?”. May need to trash an agenda to install the EoW, but you did pile up at least 4 ICE there, right?


Yes. I was soooo disappointed when Crescentus rotated. That card was necessary to make my Rosetta Baba Yaga deck work…and it worked. Hostage was also important to bringing one-of out of faction connections. That was a hit. Damn…crim sucks worse than I thought.

Replicator was a card I guess. The one I never thought I’d miss but do: Zu.

Corp side :thinking: …Off the Grid?


Yeah hostage is great, data dealer is gone too so no more selling fan sites for $9, but I still want to grab proco, film critic, or the source. Without r&d interface around it seems like remote camping would be a more popular strategy, but 3x the source and film critics is too much influence not to mention fragile (NACH is gone too).

Crescentus has got to be one of the only derezzers that doesn’t make you run HQ first or cost a click on the turn you use it which is probably the more important part. At least we have the bird breakers and a few other things now.

Yeah no OAI or Curtain Wall any more, but I never liked blue sun, maybe because it turned my jank into mainstream (not just OAI but the whole weyland faction).

Unrelated, I missed the release of Rosetta. A generic program tutor for crim, with the slight downside of needing some Caches to trash?
Now it’s here, I can’t remember what I wanted to use it on.
Like, it’s nice not having to have redundant copies of snitch and sneakdoor, but that’s not saving me any influence (also snitch has rotated out).
Was it really just multithreaders? Clot, D4, Hyperdriver perhaps? Pancha, Trope?
Oh… probably Magnum Opus. Now I have to remember why I wanted it specifically in crim. Maybe I actually wanted it in anarch?

I’ll miss Wotan. Wotan is the card that taught me about over-investing in one server. Anytime I’d get a rezzed Wotan on the board, the runner would win out of a different server, or just pay the iron price if an agenda were on the line.

I did once get a Wotan Rez off of an ABT, but I also trashed an agenda, but I still felt good about the trade with a fresh Wotan protecting my R&D. I felt pretty good right up until the runner stone the agenda out of archives and used Kraken to trash my only ICE on R&D…


I took Edge of World to (in my opinion) even jankier depths with this list.

Edge of World + Valley Grid, feel the jank!

It worked several times, and triggered more than one rage quit before a negative hand-size kill would land on j-net…

Grifter - can you keep the grift going? Easier against some corps than others
Edge of World - looks like I am not the only person who likes this card

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We did a “jank sendoff” GNK where people were encouraged to play these sorts of cards. Of course, the person who won didn’t get the message and just played regular post-rotation decks but oh well. The rest of us were on Eureka-Monolith, Mandatory Upgrades Valley Grid, Starlight Crusade Funding, Raymond Flint: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/812/eudo-rotation-jank-sendoff-gnk

Personally I’ll really miss Janus. I love having a ridiculous-size ICE so you can highroll ABTs or build Mutate combos.

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Oh yeah, I think I’ve seen that list before and I love it.

Valley Grid is great. Feels powerful and unfair, which is a good starting point for any spicy brew.

“I’ll make that Starlight Pancakes (Pancake Crusade?) deck someday,” I kept promising myself.

And few things brought me as much joy as a Chummed Draco or Snowflake.

I once made a Starlight Crusade-Pancakes-Beach Party-Game Day-Comet-Faust-Power Nap deck.

It was ridiculous. It did teach me that I can’t really 100% break with Faust, but if you are in a situation where you can draw 15 cards and run you can come pretty close.

Yes, that deck has 48 cards. No, I do not remember why, but it was never meant to be very serious.

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Mushin grid blue sun was an absolute classic. Rest in peperonys.


N A S I R W Y R M A S I T E. Nasir, Parasite, Personal Worksop, Wyrm, 3 Deja Vus, let’s go. Sifr-site before it was cool. Ultimate dingus. R I peperonys


LLDS Processor. Aesops + Conspiracy + LLDS + Sahasrara/Dhegdheer, especially in Exile. Just pray you’re not vs Skorp I guess.

Also e3 Feedback Implants.

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LLDS + Diana’s Hunt + Bird Breakers was classic.

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I miss Snowflake the most. It was great in Nisei. :-/

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RIP DLR, the jank card that was good.