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The mystery of Wu


Kabonesa is a blast to build decks for.

Others have pointed out T1Opus, Nexus, and Origami combo as deck options, all of which are valid. Another possibility I’m exploring is Reavershop (guaranteed turn 1 Reaver is pretty good.)


Ooooh. Reavershop?



There’s my current build. Tweak it however you want. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about Sahasrara too, but I think they are nombos there.
Unless you’re SMCing 1/2/3, then toy with 2c Femme Fatale ?


Sahasrara is for either earlier turns where you’re setting up (1c for cache, 2c for a breaker, 2c for Dhegdheer, 2c for Imp, etc) or later turns where you’re recurring breakers (MKUltra/Chameleon.) You draw it naturally, rather than fetching it with the ID. You can cut 2 of them if you’d like, but keep 1 for late game recursion refunds.

I suppose you could play with a recursive Femme/Brahman strat too if that’s your thing.


The limit of all this is still the MU. Not sure this is really good.

Of the other plans, I like the Pancha / Gingerbread solution. And I like a lot the Lean & Mean stuff too (+2 str is sick !).

All dogs can be fun there.

I’m thinking you can overwrite programs too. So : Tutor mk2, tutor & overwrite with Black O, tutor & overwrite with clip, tutor & overwrite with SMC, then SMC cache for exemple, and you’re set.

Edit - or, you don’t have clip and break barriers with triple lady’s and femmes, and set Aesop / Sahasrara.

Or another thing, you can setup like this : SMC Au Revoir, SMC, Clic C, Au Revoir, Run Archives jack out, then next turn Run Archives jack out, SMC Au Revoir + 2 runs = 7c. Then Femme, TTW if you can, and run here or there, you’re basically infiny money against horizontal, and unicorn what you want.

Throw in mu, test runs to get your SMC back etc.

SMC is gonna grow a corn soon I think.


Is it a problem that a combo deck exists? Is it crushing every tournament? The cold ones style build (by which I mean: a combo deck designed for one big Apocalypse turn followed by three Encore turns to close out the game) is about as fragile as it always was. I haven’t seen Wu win a SC yet, though someone took down a 9-person GNK with her[1]. Know The Meta has Wu performing normally (same proportion played as top 30%[2]) while Adam massively over-performed in the same time period.

I just don’t see a problem with Origami & Wu. It’s great to have combo decks if they’re an appropriate power level. I like a diversity of strategies rather than everyone looking for the highest power level cards to stuff into their mid-range deck.

[1] https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/1210/starlit-citadel-gnk-feb
[2] http://www.knowthemeta.com/DPStats/Down%20the%20White%20Nile/#compare


As you say, it’s as fragile as it always was. Slots are very tight, and Corps that disrupt the runner with enough damage or score out fast enough should beat it. Kakugo is problematic, forcing them to drop Guru Davinder pre-Apoc. Best Defense can disrupt it (hitting Origami), or at least burns a Clone Chip. The deck rarely contests assets, or even remotes in general. Depending on their tech various decks have outs, like Skorpios Batty breaker RFG (on a central) unless they bring SacCon. Brain Rewiring can get value out of just firing damage randomly.


No. However a mechanic which incentivises a runner to stay at home and build a combo fits poorly on a runner called “thrillseeker.” The mechanic also has nothing to do with the theme of the rest of her cards which seems to care about the number of ICE on a server.

That said, history shows that you don’t want repeatable card tutors in a LCG/CCG because card players, like evolution, will find a way to break it. (For what it’s worth, I think Wu is a hint that Creation and Control is going to rotate out.)


Not sure they want to replace C&C with a whole new box then.
If it rotates out, maybe it would be the same thing with the coreset : remove cards they don’t like and put Genesis/Spin/Lunar cards there.
(I don’t know for yourself but for me Lunar rotating out feels like yesterday)


So, nobody for Wu Revoir ?


Lunar hasn’t rotated.


To clarify, 7-10 monthes or something before 2nd rotation, yup. This one should involve either Lunar, or Lunar + Sansan, I don’t remember well.
If C&C is rotating - that’s what we were talking about - then I think it’s gonna be in that batch.


I’m trying to work on a different approach to Wu. I feel like this deck has some merit but it’s missing something. Any input would be great.

Big Rig Wu

Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker (Down the White Nile)

Event (14)

Hardware (6)

Resource (6)

Icebreaker (4)

Program (15)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Down the White Nile

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

The deck typically plays in the following order of phases:
(1) Start up: Get burst money, then use Wu’s ability to tutor out SMCs and install 2x Sahasrara and 1x Multithreader. This is a really powerful economy engine for most of the game.
(2) Expand setup: You’re sitting at 1 MU, so get out Mirror and/or Leprechaun to increase your ability to add more programs to your rig.
(3) Final board: Get out Maven and/or combination of standard breakers. You want to be searching for the rest of your Multithreaders, which will let you have a ton of money for breaking each turn.

Against decks that do not run fast advance options, Clone Chip lets you recur Tapwrm to keep it on the table. SacCon primarily does the same thing, but pulls double duty against Skorpios and also allows you to keep Clot on the table when needed.

Once you can threaten Clot, you can use Peace or Day Job to get more money and stall a bit. Use Maker’s Eye every few turns to dig into R&D, and snipe other agendas from HQ.

– Utility rig really lets you mitigate costs for installing or using programs
– Multithreader can be used to pay for SMC, Misdirection, or add power counters to Study Guide on turns you don’t run
– Powerful late game (typical of most big-rig Shaper)
– High degree of consistency
– Can afford to run more aggressively on high-impact runs than some other Shapers, especially to close out a scoring window
– Wu allows you to pull out and use Misdirection with 3 clicks in a pinch, great against NBN or tag-and-bag Weyland

– Lots of installing, so can be caught off guard by damage/kill decks
– Runs through the stack quickly in many games. PU will be a very poor matchup.
– Burst economy cards require turn 1 (Peace) or 4 clicks (Day Job). With Beth out, you can Day Job and still run if they are at 15+ credits, which can catch some people off guard.
– No current. Could really use 1-2 Interdiction to counter Batty, NGO Front, and Ash


How much do you need Day Job AND Peace in our Time?

You can cut one or the other (day job maybe) and replace it with stimhack to install some of your programs or to boost study guide to the required strenght. Also I would consider Cyberdelia instead of Mirror (even if they serve a similar function, cyberdelias stack togheter).

Other than that It seems like a nice shell


Eh, I’m not in love with Day Job, so I’m definitely open to suggestions. But I do think it helps more with Wu’s setup in this build than Stimhack, especially in a meta where HHN and Economic Warfare are prevalent. Having all 6 of those cards should increase the chance of finding one in your starting hand. A compromise might be to drop 1-2 Day Job for Stimhack, I’ll have to play around with it.

I’m not sure Mirror is the right choice for a console but I do like that it gives you both MU right when you install the first, which helps with setup a bit. I wonder if the credit gain from Cyberdelia would add up enough to make it worth it.


I’d like Dhegdheer over Leprechaun in your build. You only have SMC and Maven at more than 1 MU, so most often you’re not getting any additional bonus MU from Leprechuan, but the fact that you can install Dhegdheer at full MU (and the discount) makes it much easier to use.


lol, I still have no idea. I’ve played against it three times (using Jinja Asa) and it was a Set-Up race where Jinja was just that much faster.

Either way,I am still curious about how all this comes together :slight_smile:


After playing around with my big rig deck, I found myself making a completely different version. Mine just seemed too slow, and really struggled against most rush decks and asset spam.

This version seems way more efficient and won more games on casual Jinteki. It lost several games to Punitive Counterstrike, and will very likely have a horrible PU matchup. But it has very solid R&D and HQ multi access with many options to secure the remote. Turns out real credits are better than recurring credits.

Wu Rush

Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker (Down the White Nile)

Event (16)

Hardware (6)

Resource (11)

Icebreaker (4)

Program (8)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Down the White Nile

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Still have mixed feelings about Clone Chip. It feels so good to have it back in my Shaper deck, i didn’t realize how much I missed it. But the lack of Film Critic is very noticeable in this meta.

If I were to drop 3x Clone Chip for 2x Film Critic, what tech card would you add? Maybe 1x The Shadow Net? Feedback Filter? Biometric Spoofing?


If you are dropping 3 clone chips I would consider the following changes:

since you have Equivocation, RNG Key seems like an auto-include. Or you can play Scavenge, at least until Reclaim (the ‘new’ version of Clone Chip) will be released in Kampala Ascendant. Scavenge also has a good sinergy withAtman…and Femme, which I think you should play isntead of Hunting Grounds (you have only 1 and you cannot tutor it, while you can SMC + Stimhack the femme and scavenge it).

So my proposed changes are:

-3 cc, -1 Hunting Grounds, +2 FC, +1 Scavenge/RNG Key, +1 Femme