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The NISEI Board plays... Recruiting Trip

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/the-nisei-board-plays-recruiting-trip/

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Great stuff! I’ll give myself a week to think seriously about time and commitments, and another to jot things down in the form.

…and I hope that we won’t read a “The NISEI Board plays… Blacklist” anytime soon :wink:

Sorry for being a little slow, but is it correct that applications for translator roles are not yet open?
I do not want to fill out the form now just to find that the position I am interested in is not available yet.

(I am also considering applying for something else, but haven’t decided yet.)

Yes, we are going to build out the translator network separately. If you haven’t already, please add your name to Other Contacts on this spreadsheet so we can reach out to you when we’re ready for translation work to begin!

Thank you, I’m already in that list! :slight_smile:

@Chaostheorie yeah I’m waiting on that, because I don’t know yet what languages any of the other CM team will speak - so translator roles will be opened up in a second wave next month, along with the non-lead web developers.

Hi! I’m a little late but I’ve seen that the other contacts section in the spreadsheet it’s still open. I’m going to propose myself for translations and worldbuilding. I hope it’s not a problem (if it is just tell me and I will delete my entry). Sorry for any inconveniences.


Definitely add yourself, thanks!!

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