The NISEI Board rezzes... Public Support (Part 2)

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This just made my Friday. I consider Ben a wonderful friend and an excellent human and I’m really proud to know him.

Further, whenever I get confused about what cards do, he’s the first person I think to message. Which, I imagine from Ben’s perspective, is a blessing and a curse. Thanks Ben!

side story: my first time playing Scythe was with Ben and a bunch of Atlanta Netrunners. Ben purchased all the awesome token/coin upgrades (I think he may be addicted to metal coins). I highly recommend playing Scythe with Ben. :wink:


I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about Ben - I really wanted to meet him at MO, but he always looked so busy I didn’t want to interrupt any downtime he had! Maybe at Worlds next year :smiley:


I met Ben at US Nationals this year and he’s an absolute legend, glad to see him getting this recognition.


Too soon :frowning_face:

No no, my friend. We are going to make world’s 2019 happen! And it won’t be in Minnesota!


Somewhere more Euro’s can get to?

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Stay tuned, we’re working on it at the moment and will share all the info as soon as we have it all confirmed :grin:


I’d bet on that if I were you :slight_smile:

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