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The NISEI Board rezzes... Public Support (Part 2)


Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/16295-2/

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This just made my Friday. I consider Ben a wonderful friend and an excellent human and I’m really proud to know him.

Further, whenever I get confused about what cards do, he’s the first person I think to message. Which, I imagine from Ben’s perspective, is a blessing and a curse. Thanks Ben!

side story: my first time playing Scythe was with Ben and a bunch of Atlanta Netrunners. Ben purchased all the awesome token/coin upgrades (I think he may be addicted to metal coins). I highly recommend playing Scythe with Ben. :wink:


I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about Ben - I really wanted to meet him at MO, but he always looked so busy I didn’t want to interrupt any downtime he had! Maybe at Worlds next year :smiley:


I met Ben at US Nationals this year and he’s an absolute legend, glad to see him getting this recognition.


Too soon :frowning_face:


No no, my friend. We are going to make world’s 2019 happen! And it won’t be in Minnesota!


Somewhere more Euro’s can get to?


Stay tuned, we’re working on it at the moment and will share all the info as soon as we have it all confirmed :grin:


I’d bet on that if I were you :slight_smile: