The NISEI Board rezzes... Surveyor! (Part 2)

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I could have voted 3x for #1 :slight_smile:

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If they don’t get picked, Option 4,5,6 would make great cycle icons.


Is 二生 a pun? It seems weird. Someone come correct me.

Edit: To clarify, it does make sense as nisei, but I’m not sure that would be the first reading. It means two life, which is cool. Nisei is spelled two world though, so it seems wrong. To me. And I might well be mistaken.

世 also means generation, more in line with the literal meaning.

二生 does strike me as very weird too though.

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I have code words for most kanji. You’re so much more correct than I. Anyway, it’s weird to say 二生. It might even be nishou as the most normal thing to say.

On the one hand I wanted to vote for the designs with japanese in them. Because it looks cool and it’s a sort of pun.
On the other, I didn’t really want to tie NISEI directly to Japan, per se. The same way I wouldn’t want it tied directly to America, or any other country, either.

Then I saw PSK and I knew the answer.