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Hey Stim-Folks! The Northern Gaming Network put up a new video this morning. Custom Biotics vs Ken Tenma in round one action from the GNK event held at the Gamezilla Expo in Saint John, NB on September 28th, 2014.

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Video updated to include decklists in the description!

New video up on the NGN YouTube channel! Engineering the Future vs Noise - Game Night event, September, 2014.

The second game in Kevin’s match with Alex is up now on the NGN, Kate versus Personal Evolution!

And you needn’t worry, commentary videos are coming, we just had a technical issue with the first one, so I’m waiting on a rerecord.

Alex and Matt from the NGN take a look at the Up and Over Data pack, counting down the Corp cards from worst all the way to best!

Please comment here or in the Youtube comments section with your opinions on our picks!

More Round one action from the Gamezilla Expo A:NR Event in September! Chaos Theory vs Cerebral Imaging, with commentary provided by Kevin and Alex!

Here is another game from the same event! Kate vs Near Earth Hub! This one is very close and super competitive!

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Another game for you on this Friday morning! Travis and Matt finish off their Round one battle with a game between The Foundry and Andromeda. Will Andy’s Corp Tax strategy hold off Haas-Bioroid’s NEXT ICE factory?

Tune in and find out, along with commentators Alex and Kevin!

Part two of the NGN’s review of Up And Over, this part focusing on the runner side of the Data Pack! Join Alex and Matt as they count down the runner cards from worst to best in this excellent video from the guys at the Northern Gaming Network! Please be sure to like, favourite and subscribe!

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We’ve put up another great NEtrunner video too! This one freaturing Jinteki PE versus Noise, a great matchup in light of the recent World Championship event! Check it out and please subscribe to the channel and like the videos to ensure that we can keep making quality content!

Happy Monday everyone! Some awesome ‪#‎netrunner‬ video action this morning.

Kevin and Matt sit down for their match in round 2 of the Gamezilla Expo Android: Netrunner tournament. Matt is piloting his NBN fast advance, while Kevin is playing a Prepaid Kate deck!

Stay tuned after the credits for some bonus footage!

Decklists can be found in the YouTube description!

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Got a case of the Mondays? Let Alex and Matt cheer you up with the latest #netrunner unboxing! All that Remains has dropped and NGN has the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not!

Part two of the NGN’s unboxing / review of All That Remains is up and it is a doozy!

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Episode 4 of Tag Me has dropped! Check it out on the home page to see the complete show notes and to subscribe!

The boys discuss the Lunar cycle, Store Championships, as well as trying to tackle the complex rules questions surrounding IT Department. See the home page for complete show notes!

Another Netrunner video dropped this morning, and boy is it a doozy!

Marc on the left is piloting an opus Kate against Joel on the right with his Cambridge-style PE, in what can only be described as a marathon!

Thanks to Alex and Kevin from Tag Me for providing the commentary! And special thanks to Comic Hunter in Moncton, NB for hosting this great event!

We’re in the home stretch now from the Moncton GNK event, witho nly four videos left.

In this one, we have Dave’s Replicating Perfection going up against Kevin (of Tag Me!) with his Prepaid Kate deck.

Check it out!

Episode 7 of the Tag Me Netrunner Podcast has dropped!

In this episode Alex and Kevin discuss their recent trip to Halifax for the Board Room Store Champs, while Kevin and Matt played in a gnk at Gamezilla this past weekend!

The boys managed to snag an interview with the TO of the Store Champs, who also happens to be the winner of our Leela Contest, Rob B!

All this plus a contest update, and another entry in the Single Card Spotlight!

Episode 8ish of Tag Me has dropped! Contest winner, Runnerlutions, and a Store Champs report live to tape from the Comic Hunter in Moncton, NB!

Welcome back to NGN’s coverage of Netrunner events from across the Maritimes! In this week’s video we have the final game from a GNK event held in November 2013.

We see Marc on the left piloting his Kate deck against Chris on the Right with Blue Sun.

Who will come out on top? Will Marc be able to even the match at one game apiece, or will Chris sweep the finals and roll into victory?

You’ll just have to tune in and find out!

A couple of months ago, Kevin asked a crazy question to Alex and Matt: “What if I could go into SanSan cycle completely spoiler free?” This began a true test of wills, and Kevin is here to report back on what can only be considered a pretty complete success!

We hit the streets of SanSan with a review of The Valley, hitting on the cards we like, the cards we don’t, and the cards we think are just cool as hell.

Matt clicks a couple of links on the interweb, and pulls up the FAQ 2.0 update for a breakdown of the changes made in the most recent doc.

The guys end the episode by talking about a card they’ve all had experiences both with and against in our Single Card Spotlight!

This is an episode you can’t afford to miss!

Welcome back to NGN’s Netrunner coverage! We are at a local Game Night event, watching Alex (on commentary) playing his famous Ken Tenma deck agaisnt Matt’s brand spanking new Industrial Genomics!

This was recorded January 25th, 2015 - so the Iggy Pop was in very experimental stages at this point.

Who will win the game and move ever so close to that beautiful Freelancer playmat? Tune in and find out!