The Online Tournament Experience

I may have done shit on the SSCI but it was an AMAZING experience!

Yet again a huge thanks to the organizers and all the players! I had a really good time and it was my first time playing an online tournament for a card-game.

Here is my full opinion on it:

Remember, it is my opinion. You can have yours, but that won’t change how I felt about and during the tournament.

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I think some of this is good (I also find online tournaments more tiring, though they do come with advantages (food while you play, music, etc). It was an extremely competetive tournament, with the majority of people being tryhards. That’s what it is, and its not a judgement. Its good that people know that and if they’re interested or not based off that.

I think I have respond to a particular complaint of yours. I was helping Judge / TO for the first half of this tournament. You were on the game were your opponent couldn’t find you, and I tried to find someone who knew you and could contact you. I believe someone said they sent you a facebook message (can’t confirm if they did). Rule was match loss after 5 minutes late. This is a little more harsh than Tournament rules (5 game loss, 10 minutes match loss). Then finally around 15 minutes late I found you in the twitch chat. Told you had received a match loss for showing up late, but you were free to continue playing in the next round. You raged at me a bit about the unjustice of receiving a match loss for showing up late, and I agreed to talk to your opponent about receiving a game loss and playing one of the games.

I talked to him, and he kindly agreed (when he didn’t have to) to play 1 game. You were still salty at the loss, and got into the game and were whining some more. I should have warned you then, but told your opponent to let me know if you continued. Fast forward 20 minutes or so and there you were, whining to him and to everyone about NBN in the game and then in twitch chat. I gave you a warning and you cut it out, but at this point this was far and away the most toxic behavior in the tournament so far.

Tournament runs smoothly for the next few hours, and I leave. About as soon as I leave, I’m informed you and other player (Stevo from here on) you refer to are having a tiff. I didn’t know the context, but as you had already had a problem one the day, I told the head TO about, told him it was probably mutual agitation and he shouldn’t DQ your for it, but should give you a warning.

Was able to read the chat logs in twitch today (as well as having been sent logs of private chat between you and Stevo).
Basically what happens is this:

  1. You’d just played on stream, you come on and complain about about psi games not going your way (this is fine, standard netrunner stuff)
  2. Other player posts a screenshot of your standings + your facebook post about how new MWL will mean you’ll win multiple nationals
  3. You fly off the handle both in the twitch chat and sending him a ton of private messages on twitch (this includes talking shit about his nbn net decks)
  4. He shoots back and makes fun of your decks (this is the point were he calls them bad)

Anyway, there are a couple of points here:

  1. You were the first person to insult anyone’s decks. So by your proposed standard of “but slacking some other guy for doing bad and saying his decks are shit or bad is straight up unsportsmanlike for me. I treat this as any other tournament and I am honestly sad that he was not DQ’ed for saying those things”. You should have been the one DQ’d (both for first round and with Stevo).
  2. Stevo did not have problems with anyone else in this tournament, did not attack anyone else. The only person he attacked is the person who bragged about how they were going to win nationals and spent a good chunk of time insulting NBN decks (if you lose to a yellow deck, and then complain in GENERAL about yellow decks, its still a specific attack on your opponent).

If I had been there, I would have warned Stevo for antagonizing you. And warned you for your conduct afterwards (since it was largely mutual shit throwing, I wasn’t going to DQ you over it).

However, I think you should probably think about your conduct in the future. You had multiple incidents in this tournament of you having behavioral issues with other players. If you don’t want people to trash talk you, don’t talk about how you’re the greatest all the time and are going to win multiple nationals. Additionally, you complain about people trash talking your deck, and yet you’re constantly complaining about net deckers and yellow players. Your attitude is very toxic at times, and I would work on your own behavior first if you want Netrunner to be a less toxic place.


This was almost point for point how I would’ve handled it. I also feel several warnings should suffice.

Iced tea wouldn’t keep me awake and concentrated until 2 am :smiley:

SimonMoon, he was the one to trashtalk my decks first, I have pictures of that. I basically asked him to cut out that banter because I did not like it and yet he continued. That’s when I raged back, which is something I shouldn’t have done.

In reply to both of your comments. Here you go:

I hope this sets things right and puts an end to this whole thing that has been happening ever since the tournament last night.