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The personal Touch on an Atman


I know the move seems like it would needless but would if I were to install Atman at strength 4 then later decide I want to put The Personal Touch on it. My Atman strength would only break ice at 5, right? Then if I later decide that I need to trash “the touch” it would only interact with strength 4.

Does this sound right or is Atman immune to strength boosts from The Personal Touch?


It works exactly as you think it does - Atman itself sets the default value, Personal Touch says “increment default value by 1”.

(side note: trashing the Personal Touch could prove tricky, unless we’re talking Trade-In or Scavenge (which will lose your power tokens, possibly costing you some more money)


There’s always trusty ol’ Aesops.


For future reference, there is a rules question thread.

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