The Reboot Thread

This is intended for discussion of the Netrunner Reboot Project, a rebalancing of the original FFG cardpool from Core 1.0 through Data & Destiny by changing a single number on each card. The goal is to leverage the experience gained from competitive play to ensure overpowered cards (e.g. Siphon, Parasite) are brought in line, while weaker cards (e.g. Exile, Hudson 1.0) are buffed in an attempt to make previously underpowered strategies playable.

You can play with the rebalanced cards online at, make paper copies at, and deckbuild at, and read more at

Additionally, we periodically add a mix of new cards and post-D&D cards to the pool to keep things fresh and help out strategies which aren’t quite there yet. Our previous set released last year, adding e.g. a good early game ice for Stronger Together, and our upcoming set is releasing later this month, giving Anarchs tools for early aggression, Adam an incentive to Always Be Running, and more:

Anyone interested in scheduling games with the rebalanced cards or join our regular game nights/tournaments are encouraged to join our Discord server. However, I’m making this thread several of us were interested in an alternative for longer-form discussion of various archetypes.

To start off the thread, I figured we could discuss Doppelgänger which just costs 1 single credit in Reboot. What’s the best Crim you can build around this card which wouldn’t just be better with Desperado (which now grants no extra MU)? One option is this deck, which uses Collective Consciousness and Compromised Employee to get rich when the Corp rezzes ice, but there might be better ideas. Other Reboot discussion is also welcome.


It’s wild how different the card pool can be with just these minor changes, I built a deck around Capstone, and it’s GOOD!


I’d recommend anyone vaguely interested to check out the preconstructed decks. In my personal opinion they are the heart of the Reboot Project - They cover a wide range of archetypes and are well balanced. You can check them out here Reboot Preconstructed - Google Sheets , they are also already “preinstalled” and ready to play on . Check the notes on the google spreadsheet about tips how to pilot them and what to do against your opponent. Get a friend - smash some games.


also if you like wacky lists try Jumpstart, it makes a procedural random list so you can try out new cards without looking through all the changes beforehand

Strong agree the preconstructed decks are great. I’m not a great deckbuilder, so like to just pick something which is playable and maybe swap a couple of cards out if I’m feeling spicy. (That’s not to say they’re all optimal - we just figured out that Nisei Division should probably play Bullfrog. There might well be more stuff unexplored.) The current list is here.

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With Nootropics Campaign and Lateral Growth added to the pool, I’m wondering if there is a critical mass of CI cards now. If you’re not doing a combo deck, the best card you have is Ashigaru. My current draft is jamming 3x Biotic, 3x SfSS and 3x Efficiency Committee into a deck, filling it up with all the econ, and hoping you can FA out points with centrals protected by virtually unbreakable Ashigarus. I also play the NEXT suite so I can get NLC as a finisher.

I’m considering dropping the NEXT stuff because Walrus and Morningstar both completely wreck all your ice, but is there anything better one could try?

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I think just losing to morningstar is ok. Making a scoring server seems really hard so I think I’d try to win with just 100% effcom.

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I don’t hate that. Maybe you can slot a Will-o-wisp and recur it with Archived Memories in case you run into big fracters.

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Mind and Mayhem is Live!

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This is where I ended up, and it’s better than I thought. It’s very linear and fragile, but the core game plan kinda works.