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The Root, Executive Boot Camp, and Blue Sun

"Recurring credits are placed on a card when the card becomes active, and can be used immediately. Any recurring credits a player spends are replaced on their host card at the beginning
of that player’s turn."
if replacing recurring credits can be regarded a ‘when turns begin’ effect…

1.Corporation’s Draw Phase
1.1 Corp rez The Root, and two Executive Boot Camp ( maybe already rezzed)
1.2 Turn begins.
“When one or more abilities have the same timing trigger or can be triggered at the same time, each player chooses the order his own abilities trigger.”

  • corp firstly use the ability of one Executive Boot Camp, using up the credits on The Root.
  • then corp use The Root to replace recurring credits on it.
  • next, corp use the ability of another Executive Boot Camp, using up the credits on The Root again.
  • Blue Sun add The Root to HQ, next turn there will be another try.
    1.3 Corp draws a card.

or corp can use credits on The Root to rez an asset in 1.1, but this does not bring a problem.

this is “how to gain 6 credit in one turn with The Root”.

Errr, I’m not good in English, thank Google translation. I hope there will not be a terrible difficulty in understanding.

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