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The Run Ends With You Weekly Farewell Stream

The Run Ends With You, A Weekly Celebration of Our Community

On June 8th, FFG made a announcement after 6 years, that they will no longer be in access to the Netrunner license agreement, effectively ending the game and calling to the final Worlds event, September 7th - 9th. When I first heard this, I had very mixed emotions. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe with words, but as the days passed by, I continued to read messages of community members sharing their experiences, their love for the game, and their sadness about the end of a era. Beyond the game itself, I have always found at the core of it, the community is the most beautiful and welcoming heart of all this.

As a celebration of the our history, our heritage, and our community, I would like to announce that I will be hosting a weekly stream leading up until Worlds. It will be a chance for us to play games on Jinteki.net together, to revisit old archetypes, to create new ones, and for me to show you my final year of preparation for the 2018 circuit of Organized Play Netrunner. I want to bring us together once a week, so we can share stories, share laughs, and share the joy of the game, one last year.

I will be hosting a Discord where you may join in and feel free to jump on stream with me. I would love to have as many people come on, share some stories, and play with me. I feel that as much as many of you have seen and heard my stories, that there are still gems out there for people to share of their amazing community involvement. This week, I will host the stream on Tuesday June 12 at 5PM EST, and following weeks I will follow a schedule of every Monday, from 8PM and on.

This game has meant a lot to me. I’ve met so many people, made so many friends, even brought in metas like the South Korean meta into our slack. It’s helped pulled me out of depressive times, it’s taught me a lot about myself. I want to do one last community effort, and I hope this brings out all the stories and laughs from everyone involved. If you have any ideas in how we can add onto this, please don’t hesitate to post in the thread. I’ll see you all tomorrow!



Great idea, Dien. See you there.


I’ll be there to prove to you once and for all HB doesnt suck

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Let’s roll!

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Thank you for doing this mate. It’s incredible how many of us were in a dark place and got better with a helping hand from Netrunner.

I’m running into sound issues at the moment, I apologize for the delay. We’ll be live at 5:30PM EST

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For this week of the stream, I will be streaming tomorrow, July 17th instead of our usual time tonight. Thank you and I’ll see you all tomorrow!