The Second Bigboy Teaching League starts June 3

The second round BigBoy Teaching Deck League will begin June 3.

It is an open Elo league in which players organize their own games and play as many or as few as they like. This topic will be where I post updates about the league. Here are a few guidelines and links to resources.

How long does the League run?
It starts June 3 and ends July 1.

If the top four finishers agree, I will organize a Top Four playoff at the conclusion of the League.

Can I still join?
Yes. Registration for The Bigboy Teaching League is open through Friday, June 2.

Register by signing up at The Challenge Board. Password for the board: thebigboy

How can I organize a game?
You can post an open game on with the title: Teaching League Game. If someone joins, you should ask if they are signed up for the league because you cannot report results if they are not in the league.

There is also a Slack channel dedicated to the league where you can post requests for games. Here is the link to that channel. If you need an invitation to Slack, use this link.

You may also organize games via any other means you find convenient.

Players are encouraged to play two games with each opponent (one Corp and one Runner) each time they play, but this is not required. Single games still count toward the League.

What Decks Can I Play?
Legal decks for this League are the teaching and learning decks published by Abram Jopp (@TheBigBoy) on his Web site. Here are link to the decks:


Engineering the Future
Personal Evolution

Jopp’s notes and advice for playing these decks can be found here.

His notes for the Jinteki deck can be found here

You can transfer these decks into Jinteki by clicking on the “Export” button at the top of the decklist and copying the list into the Jinteki deck builder.

Can I change decks between games?
Yes. Each player can select a new deck each time they play.

Where do I report results?
The winner of each game should report results to The Challenge Board. Make sure to get the Challenge Board ID of your opponent from them, as some people do not use the same ID on Jinteki and the Challenge Board.

Optional: If you want to help me in a data collection experiment, you can also report game results to this Google Form where I am trying to gather information about match ups during the league.

What if I have other questions?
Please direct them to me (@FightingWalloon) here or on Slack.

Good luck and have fun!


Loved the last league, can’t wait for this one to start!

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Seven players signed up so far. Plenty of time to jump in.

We will be starting soon. Join in. Tell your friends who want to get some experience with other players who are learning the game.

New addition to the league this time – Jinteki now part of the league.

Looking forward to this league starting up. Woohoo noob power.

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Abram Jopp has published notes for playing the Jinteki deck. You can read them here.


Joined! I’m not new but certainly untrained one.

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When you select the Personal Evolution deck it says “Casual play only” since it uses cards not yet released. This contrasts with the other decks that say “Tournament legal”.

Therefore, the opponent will know that you choose PE deck during the setup. You think this extra information will lead to problems?

The PE deck is MWL compliant, I think it is only showing as “Casual Play” because hasn’t been updated to reflect that “Earth’s Scion” datapack cards are released. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

That “casual” could be a problem if Runners wait to choose their deck until they see if the Corp is running PE, which they can tell by looking at the game set up.

Two issues mitigate this, I think. First, none of the Runner decks are carrying special tech to deal with net damage, so it is not the case that there is necessarily a best choice. Second, if you are worried, you can just wait to load your Corp deck until the Runner has loaded their deck.

I hope that this league is oriented toward teaching and learning enough that we don’t have problems with this issue. Also, I trust Jnet will have the new cards implemented soon.

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Thanks for your feedback.

I am quite novice on Netrunner so I was not sure if this would provide unfair advantage or not. We were practicing yesterday with the Teaching decks and we observed this behavior but we did not exploit it in any way.

Since the Teaching League is mostly for fun and for getting to know the game better, I don’t think this will be an issue but I decided to report it anyway. I am looking forward to the start of the league and to meet new players and face different playing styles!

Thanks for the hard work to set up this league an may the game begin! (soon :slight_smile:)

I appreciate you thinking about it, but I think it will be no problem. I hope you have fun in the games.


Good luck and have fun everyone!

Good news is that the Ben Mushashi problem appears to be fixed now.


Enjoy the games. See you on Jinteki.

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Is the missing influence in the decks intentional?

Missing influence in Whizzard is on purpose. That deck cannot, as written, break a Lotus Field. Fortunately, there are none in the field. When the deck was first published, Black Orchestra did not exist, so the only way for it to handle Lotus was to add one Net-Ready Eyes. If you wanted to take the deck as written and start playing in a wider meta, you’d probably want an answer to Lotus Field, so he left influence for that.

The ETF deck was originally a zero free influence, but when Eli came off the MWL, it gained three. Abram decided to leave the deck as is, though.

I see. Thanks for the explanation. By your explanation I take it that we cannot add extra influence or modify the deck in any way?

Not for league play. The decks are set in stone.

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Here are some updated stats on how the various IDs are performing against each other.

PE is still dominating its by a wide margin, and the rate appears to be holding fairly steady over time.

Andromeda - 7-13 overall

vs. ETF - 3-1
vs. GRNDL - 0-3
vs. PE - 1-9
vs. Spark - 3-0

Kit - 26-42 overall

vs. ETF - 7-11
vs. GRNDL - 10-5
vs. PE - 7-20
vs. Spark - 2-6

Whizzard - 15-16 overall

vs. ETF - 4-3
vs. GRNDL - 0-2
vs. PE - 5-11
vs. Spark - 6-0

Corp Overall

ETF - 15-14
GRNDL - 10-10
PE - 40-13
Spark - 6-9

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@big_chris, sorry about the dc. House Internet decided to going on employee strike :confused: then slack stopped working on my phone so I couldn’t tell you. Sorry!