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The Source gets streetdate 12/18

Also also slightly older news that on the Upcoming page O&C was pushed to Q1 2015 (at this point, surprising no one but still nice to have the Xmas release dreams formally foreclosed).


The move to US printers couldn’t come fast enough. Netrunner has educated me on the California port issues and I hope they get sorted out eventually.

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When is that supposed to happen? I’ve read about it several places but never with a timeframe mentioned.

The new plastic boxes are mentioned at the top of the page of The Valley preview on FFG.

There is no official statement - just hearsay from snow-jax and speculation about the box change. Cardboard is just as cheap in China as it is plastic, so the change either means smaller sizes for more boxes per shipment, or a different manufacturer. It’s all about the price, and I’m sure either way the plastic saves FFG a few cents either way.