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The Spinner


A secret operative hacked into the FFG HQ in order to bring you this photo! This is an actual picture of the device that FFG uses to decide how much influence to give to each Netrunner ID!


“There is nothing wrong with the Influence, you are just playing every faction the wrong way.”
– Damon Stone



/me shakes fist at the clouds


I put Exploratory Romp in my kit deck. I don’t know what more I can do, Damon.


You’re missing the “1” influence space on there, though maybe that was just the day they spilled coffee on the device and just rolled a d20 to determine the influence.


The Professor is the only ID they decided the influence on by normal means. :smile:


They were sitting in the FFG offices discussing the professor, who was at the time a 0 inf ID. Damon said to Lukas, “Wait! We don’t print bad cards. Better up it to one!”


While we’re at it:

Should we print any playable runner cards this datapack?