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The Truth about True Colors (Card Ratings)

Not sure if anyone noticed, but a goofy way to utilize leverage would be to play stimhacks without the drawback. Run HQ, Leverage, 2xStimhack into clone chip or SMC.

Nice, but Stimhack’s BD can not be prevented, which takes precedence.

then no wonder nobody noticed d:

Thus far from my limited testing, Keyhole has been incredibly powerful. Jinteki especiallly just feels ruined whenever your opponent plops one out and starts rummaging through your R&D risk free.

Yep, its been very strong for me so far.

Also I feel that it really destroys Jinteki damage decks (fetal/snare/shock in R&D).

Keyhole has been amazing in my testing so far too. It’s as strong as R&D Interface for sure. Anarchs finally got that 3+ influence powerhouse they’d been waiting for!

It’s especially bad for Jinteki, and with all these nifty Jinteki cards we’d been seeing a lot more Jinteki builds around my neighborhood.

Yeah, I feel like Keyhole hurts Jinteki more than all the recent good cards they got helped. It just completely avoids the fear of running R&D that Jinteki creates!

While this is true, remember that HQ is as dangerous as ever and the archives just got dangerous as well with Shocks and Punitive Counterstrikes. So even though it is relatively easy to Keyhole through the R&D and put stuff to archives, it doesn’t equal easy points against Jinteki.

I just recently discoverd additional super power of Keyhole - scouting. You need to get a picture of splashes during a tournament game? Keyhole is your … er … man.

I still don’t think this is particularly relevant - agendas are still in R&D for definite, with only a possibility of being in HQ. Additionally, if you’re making a game-winning run on archives Shock! won’t hurt you because you choose the order in which cards are accessed (i.e. score the agendas first).

As soon as Jinteki damage actually becomes a thing, Net Shield will also become a thing and it goes back to square one.

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Yeah, I tend not to run Jinteki HQ much at all. Its just a minefield. Better to Keyhole R&D.

If Punitive counterstrike is an issue, then just run archives when its either very safe (low point agenda), or when you get enough there for the win. Note that you get to access cards in archive in your choice of order, so if you can get to 7 from the agendas there, the game is over before you hit the Shocks.

Pretty sure that’s exactly what I just said :wink: