The view from the middle of the pack

Haphazard tournament report from the Card Kingdom plugged in event.

i came unprepared. i had spent the previous night and that morning at the tualip casino indulging in my other favorite game -craps- and a few too many whisky cokes. instead of going home and sleeping it off i got it in my head i needed to play some netrunner to cap off my weekend.

i didnt have time to make any new decks so i grabbed a pro con andy deck and a jinteki personal evolution (both are solid but unspectacular decks) and just showed up planning to have fun and play well.

round 1 vs tyler

tyler was from spokane and made the trip with a few friends. nice guy. he is playing gabe/Personal Evo and he corped first.

i play jinteki a lot so i feel relatively comfortable playing against them. if you pay close attention to snare money and fetal money you can be fairly aggressive and still win. i dont remember the particulars but i hit all three of his snares, a fetal and eventually lost to neural + agenda score flatline in the mid game. i actually did have deus x in my deck but never saw it or a special order.

we switched sides and this game was very over quickly thanks to a last click run by tyler and me being a luckbox.He hit the 20 percenter - a snare- in my hand to take him to zero cards and i was able to credt-credit-neural for the win the next turn.

we had lots of time left in the round and played another for fun which i think i won via flatline again.

round 2 - i played darwin from the east side. nice guy.

game one i corp. memory hazy about this one but he won fairly handily. he played noise and snagged a priority req by surging darwin. it was all downhill from here for me.

game 2 andy v nbn. i snagged 5 points on turn 1 and should switched gears and sat back but i kept running like mad and. darwin played well and baited me into 3 inside jobs into money assets. the last one i would have sworn was an agenda because i ran first to check the texture of the ice - he rezzed tollbooth- yep that has to be an agenda right - credit-credit - inside job → marked this point the amount of money he had rolling in became dominating and i eventually lost to snare many turns later.

gg darwin. you earned that one.

i considered dropping at this point but i came to play netrunner right ? on to round 3.

round 3. is against richard from bremerton.

i corp. he mr. li’d through his entire deck but seemed to never find money and didnt seem too interested in my remotes. i eventually won scoring a priority req for my 8th agenda point (im very down on 3 pointers in PE at this point) they seem to cost me more games than they win me.

i won the runner game before we went to time and i cannot remember details because i was enthralled by the little girl 10 ? years old one table down who was playing well and winning. i tell her i hope she wins the entire thing because i know at this point with 3 losses its not going to be me

round 4 is against chuck from thursday night league at green lake games. chucks a great guy. we play against each other a fair amount and he knows the decks im playing and i know what he is playing.

i corp first and instead of dispensing fetals and snares my RnD decides priority req is on the menu. he beats me 7-0 in a forgettable game for me. again my experience with 3 pointers in jinteki is negative.i keep tell myself they are coming out of the deck but this was a month ago when i said this and they are still in the deck

the runner game andromeda does work. chuck is playing nbn but that is all i remember at this point. my previous night is catching up with me and everything is starting to blur together. regardless im happy to split with chuck and that his split with me didnt end up costing him the top 8 finish.

round 5 v Jim playing kate and nbn? (cannot remember)

turn 1 jim drops the netshield and i actually consider scooping. when the tournament started trying to win as PE against net shield might have seemed like fun challenge but at this point of the night im not in the mood. i play it out and jim apparently hates jinteki. he has public sympathy,lots of draw and money, sets up Yogosauraus and even double tollbooth on RnD isn’t enough.

game 2. andy does more work and i win. no details here. standard criminal good stuff game.

final record 5-5.

all in all i had the most fun ive had in awhile and glad i decided to play the event even though i think i could have done much better with some prep. i have to say the netrunner community in seattle/surrounding area is a great group of people. everyone was incredibly nice and just loves netrunner. very cool.

final thoughts

celebrity gift is nuts. i had money coming out my ears all night in my corp games. what exactly the best use for that money is im not sure but jinteki’s money problems seem a thing of the past especially with gila hands backup.

i was not playing sucker andy and if i had it to do over again i would have played sucker andy or gabe. i was packing 2x plascrete and muresh bodysuit for lolz (actually seemed quite relevant vs the demo grndl decks) and didnt see one tag n bag weyland deck. the only scorched earths i saw were splashed in jinteki/nbn decks.

i didnt see an atman the entire night either but there seemed to be a lot of shaper decks.