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The Winning Agenda 37

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/the-winning-agenda-37/

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Don’t forget Hollis.

Re: Whizz
I think he is a great meta call, with both NEH and RP still running wild, and ETF as popular as ever. However, it’s the core Econ and draw she’ll which made that deck shine. When discussing playing the field v. a consistently strong deck, the current Whizz was able to accomplish both. The beauty of that core is that it can be ported to other Anarchs like Ed Kim or Valencia, and still be strong. Whizz’s ability is icing on the cake of the deck, allowing it to shine.

Hail Whizz.


Something interesting about the Whizz ability that I haven’t seen discussed is the role it plays. Whizzard’s ability kind of makes up for the key Anarch weakness of a lack of consistency because he slows Corps down, buying you the time to find what you need. This coupled with the powerful draw package goes a long way towards making up for this key Anarch weakness.

Medium digs get a lot better when you can consistently trash one (or more) card(s) per dig.

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