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The Winning Agenda Episode 9

Episode 9 is live!

P.S. Apologies for the modulations in volume, there appear to have been a couple of issues with louder volume at some points in this episode!

On Our Agenda:

‘The Source’ Card Highlight

The Panel discusses a few key cards from the last Data Pack of the Lunar Cycle; what decks they fit into and how they will affect the meta

Deck Anatomy: Icebreakers

The Panel talks about Icebreakers in a segment aimed at players of all levels. From the basics like how to assess the efficiency of any given breaker, to advanced concepts like the concept of the ‘breaker suite’ and what that means for your deck.

Deck Tech: Blue Sun

World’s Top 16 Competitor Jesse Marshall takes us through his Blue Sun list: The trials and errors he’s gone through to get to this point; why he believes his current list to be the most optimal; and how to pilot the deck.

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FYI the levels were off again for this episode.

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