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TheBriarfox's Spaces Between Set Review

Yeah - the 4 influence is going to keep it out of your average shaper deck though. So many decks have reacted to data suckers by basically saying “screw it - i’m not playing any big ice any more - your data suckers are worthless!” that if it was dead, you’ve wasted a big chunk of influence.

Huge vs. Grim, but kindof sad vs. most of the other big 5+s, since it really doesn’t get you through them more than once unless you’re augmenting with E3.

Tollbooth, Taurus, and Inazuma say Hello.

Heimdall doesn’t go away, but it’s easier to go through repeatedly, same with Janus.

Archer might eat a whole D4V1D, but then you’re blowing an agenda to do so, so while that’s manageable it’s not particularly desirable in terms of Archer rezzes.

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Heck, getting through tollbooth for 3 isn’t the worse thing ever.

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Or recurring with Deja Vu and Clone Chip. Leaving aside Fast Advance, I’ve found D4V1D to be worth 2 agendas in every game I’ve played it in so far - the first when they install behind an Archer or Tollbooth or something which I just go straight through, the second when they play another agenda behind the same ICE and I trash the D4V1D and recur it.

The Shaper build I’m thinking off is Chaos Theory, using Overmind as a primary AI breaker.