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Tighten Up: A 2016 Store Championship Season Report

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/tighten-up/

Discuss the latest article by @Ajar here.


Congrats on the very nice article and of course the early completion of your New Year’s Netrunner resolutions, @Ajar!

That “Critical Turn” piece you linked to is also one of my favorite recent strategy articles. Cheers for that.

Lots of really good points here, but something that hit really close to home and which I can definitely improve on is not letting a couple of bad beats get into my head. In a room full of above-average to genuinly great players, you need the luck on your side, sure. But staying level-headed in a case of misfortune is maybe the most important feature to have as a tournament player and I know it has cost me countless of games before.


Great write, @ajar! Proud of your performance, from KOS on. Keep it up!


Congrats @Ajar!!

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Congrats @Ajar!

Curious to see what type of evil you bring to regionals.

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Congrats @Ajar, well deserved.

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Selling your soul to the Dumbledevil :wink:

Nice run. Hopefully we do have a chance to team up sometime…

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Thanks, all. :slight_smile:

@theBigBoy: It’ll happen. We should do it for King of Servers this year, if nothing else. The best time to team up is when it’s literally us locals against the world. (I suppose I could legitimately also join a Canadian team, but I’d like to be on a team I can practice with in person.)

One thing I deliberately left out of this piece is that I became one of @mediohxcore’s students very late in this process. I left it out because it happened too late for me to internalize any of the advice he gave me in our first session (which was late in the SC season), so I haven’t really seen the benefits yet beyond getting a handful of practice games with/against the best player in the game. I think that later this year, though, I’ll write something on coaching from the student’s perspective, and how to get the most out of it.