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Time to give us more information about which cards will/wont cycle?

I’m at the point where I want to invest in new playstyles, since I’ve been playing the same 2 decks pretty much since I started (Noise and Haas-Biroid). Originally I bought a complete kate PPV deck as my first but the MWL hit within a week, which was a huge kick in the gonads.

So I’m wary on investing in decks that will cycle out soon, and I checked spin cycle as well to see which playstyles can do without the cards that’ll be missing. But then I’m seeing ID’s and things like plascrete and RnD interface and I’m just thinking “these things can’t possibly cycle can they”?

So Yeah would be great to have some indication of FFG’s plans for the future, such as a list of cards that will be untouched or a statement like “we will be re-printing these cards like in magic or make cards that do exactly the same or similar thing as some key cards” so we can start planning for the future.

Personally I’m hoping ID’s will never cycle, you just grow attached to some (at least I do) and then there’ll be a list of cards like plascrete, RnD interface, ash, quality time, imp etc… that would be just strange to not see anymore IMO, or at least the certain knowledge there will be no proverbial “ark” for ANY cards.

They’ve said the packs are rotating. That includes IDs and everything else, which is why we’re getting a lot of pseudo-replacement cards (Sports Hopper for Plascrete, Turning Wheel for Interfaces, etc.). The loss of some cards will be regrettable and I’ll be sad to only get to play Andy with Rebirth for a year or so, but shaking up the game on the whole is pretty much a necessity.


Man ID’s rotating is really sad :(, thankfully I’m attached to a couple of core ID’s. So yeah definitely everything rotating then with no list of cards that ignore the rotation?

Damon said in an interview that they won’t reprint cards exactly but they’ll be in the same spirit as some older ones.


I’m 100% certain there will be a community of people who will play play ANR in a Legacy format.


yeah I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t some sort of extended or legacy netrunner with the entire card pool being legal. I’d be mildly surprised if FFG didn’t at least push that a little bit since they don’t want people to get ragey at having worthless cardboard lying around, but I actually have no idea what they did with their other LCGs and whether this has come up before, so I guess time will tell. And I’ll jump on the sadness bandwagon of only playing rebirth in Andy for a year or so (prob a bit more, knowing FFG’s unpredictable release schedules and times)

Keep in mind that the cycle’s probably not going to happen until mid-2017 in any case, so you’ve still got over a year to play with these cards. That’s a lot of netrunner.

Would be pretty unfair of them to make us buy the same cards again.

So, probably no reprinting, I’d say.

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I wouldn’t mind something like a “Upgrade Pack” that went through and MRP’d a bunch of the cards from the core or older deluxe expansions to update them, though. Cards from it would keep the same legality as the pack they originally came from.

Core and Deluxes aren’t rotating.

Btw, in Worlds of android there are a chat log where they talk about a flatlined runner called Whizz…


need to read that thing ASAP

Personally, I’d really like it if rotation was used as a way to move the story and characters on, e.g. grown up Chaos Theory now works as a sysop; Gabe as a mafia boss connection who’s stepped back from the front line (less likely as he’s in core), and so on.


agreed, this would be pretty awesome.

Whizzard is getting flatlined, Andromeda is going off the grid with a pile of money, CT is getting grounded.


Off all the people who deserve a flatline, it’s Noise. There’s just no justice is in this cold world…


Well no, that wouldn’t be funny.


Killing a clown never is.

And Reina Roja moves on to bigger and better things.

They probably will reprint Jackson Howard…

Except he will be a Weyland character.

A guy can dream…