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Would this include new cards and campaign cards like TD, or is it just a campaign game mode?

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UPDATE: So i haven’t gotten any offers for feedback (which is ok!). This just means it’ll take me a bit longer. I’ll still try to make my own personal deadlines (getting at least close to finished by the end of the month).

Some quick background info: this started as a desire to write an article of trivia for Red Sands, explaining various references among the cards to real-life inspirations as well as in-universe references to the Android universe (mostly using Worlds of Android as a reference).

It became quite bloated very quickly. I think most of the references seemed super obvious, while others were tenuous or speculation. I then decided to shift focus to some kind of narrative exploration of the cards and references. It didn’t really make sense as an article, so it was shelved.

Then I watched Teamwork Casts video critique of Terminal Directive. A lot of the suggestions made in that video got a lot of creative juices flowing. That isn’t to say I think i’ll be making something better than what Damon et al. made, just quite different. I also don’t have the luxury of testers or anything, so there may very well be some huge balance issues as well. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from story-driven solo games by FFG (Lord of the Rings and Arkham Horror) as well as some mechanics from other legacy games. There will be an intrinsic catch-up mechanic to try to help curb someone snowballing an early win into an entire sweep in the story.

I really wish it were done now so I could share it with everyone, and I hope everyone enjoys it when i finish. In a few days, i’ll post the prologue that started it all. I have one question for anyone interested though:

Should this be limited to one copy of the core, or would you prefer three?
(the option to have either/or simply won’t work though, it has to be one or the other)

  • Single Core Only
  • 3 Copies of the Core

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This is a great idea, I can’t wait to see the finished result.

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This is exciting and I eagerly await future updates.
Lore question: is clone emancipation much of a thing in the Android universe? I don’t see any reason in principle why an owner couldn’t relinquish ownership of a clone after a given period, it’s just the first I’ve heard of anyone suggesting the possibility (even if the reality is quite different in practice). My impression was that in general people just send them back to Jinteki for recycling a trip to a nice big farm where they can frolic with the other clones.
It also touches on one of the more ethically perplexing issues regarding clones, which is that they’re designed and conditioned to be subservient and to want more than anything else to do their job well. Exceptions exist, of course (hi Ken), but the appeal of freedom seems like the sort of thing that Jinteki and clone owners would avoid openly acknowledging.

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just wanted to chime in here to let everyone know that i am indeed still working on this. lots of stuff has cropped up lately, but here are the things i’ve been working on:

narrowing down the exact wording for the rules (getting the wording in an understandable way but also deciding between likes ‘1 or 3’ and simplifying some of the more complex effects so they make sense but still do what i wanted them to do)

getting the narrative beats right. it’s been much harder than i thought (but also time has been an issue lately). i’ve narrowed it down to 6 chapters if you will per side (but i may try to make it smaller so it’s more concise and won’t take so long to finish). you progress your story when you win a game, so it could take about 6-12 games (about what TD had i think), but there will be many catchup mechanics instead of steamrolling mechanics to encourage it being closer to 12 games instead of 6

i’ve nailed down the story and characters from the corp perspective. i’ll maybe write a bit more soon about this. trying to decide if i should keep a secret.

i’m still committed to having no new cards, but there will be many additional rules and effects that might change each game. additionally, there are many cards that are purposefully taken out of the available card pool that will be added at certain achievement conditions or story moments/objectives. nothing will enter mid-game though. just play the game, check the results at the end, and then see what happens for the next one


Think it’s great that you are doing this. Can’t wait to see the finished result!


I just saw this. It sounds awesome!

We did not love the TD campaign, but I’m really keen to try another one!

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so idk guys. after the announcement today, are you still interested in this? i’m tempted to just dump my writing down and see if you like it or idk. i have like half a campaign really. if people are still interested, i’ll finish it. if not, i’ll just dump all my work, and you can just comb through the files and to at least see what i did and what could have been.

EDIT: here’s the unpolished notes/progress:

i’m actually really proud of some of this writing, and i had so many more ideas just waiting to be fleshed out. i’m not sure what to do about it now lol


When I saw this thread had been posted in, I came by to say “now it’s up to you” :grinning:

I think fan projects like this would do a lot to keep the community active and engaged for as long as possible.


Go for it. If we don’t play (and make) the game from now onwards, who will?


I’m even more interested than before!

Come on, now that FFG can’t make anymore, fan content like this is exactly what will keep us going!


Same. You have to keep it going.

I am very interested! I think these kind of self-contained expansions that can be played with just a friend for a day or two are the best way forward :slight_smile:

I’m checking your notes and there’s some really cool stuff there. Love the “informant” thing, If you want, I can edit it for you when you are done.


I just read through your notes (buddy challenged me to try and make my own narrative campaign, though I’m nto sure that I will.) You have some really cool ideas in here. I’d love to play it when it’s finished.

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I think making a fan campaign would be a great 1st test for continuing the game of Netrunner. Also we won’t have to worry too much about making a fully balanced competitive set (start small, PLAN BIG).

We could use the factions that Terminal Directive left out, (Anarch, Mini-factions) NBN, Jenteki.
Besides, I would like to see an Exec Card Richard Garfield just for fun.

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