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Top Deck Monthly Cup #2



First of all, congrats to Cup #1 winner @Nobo715! It was unfortunate that @vinegarymink had internet issues but both players have been invited back for the next cup so perhaps we can see a rematch. Cup #2 will begin next week with 16 players playing best of 3 matches in a single elimination bracket. This month’s cup has a new twist. One half of the bracket is representing North America and the other half of the bracket is representing the rest of the world. I will update as soon as next week’s featured match is determined.

Top Deck Cup #2 Live Bracket

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Oh snap we got @bblum and @Selverin!!


Is there a schedule, when will the #2 one start?


Decklists are due by Sunday night and the matches should start happening Monday. Haven’t nailed down a feature match yet but will post it as soon as I do.


Week 1 featured match will take place tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm CST (8pm GMT) and our opponents will be Alex Kohlmann @ff0x (Germany) versus Laurie Poultier @lpoulter (UK). My co-hosts are still to be determined and there is a possibility that we may have a double feature!


Slight update, we moved this to 2pm CST (8pm GMT) because I have to deal with some plumbing issues. This week my co-hosts will be @spags and @tmoiynmwg!


Bracket update, only one game left this week. I will be announcing next weeks featured match sometime tomorrow. If there is one in particular that people would like to see, speak up! Thanks to Mark @Hermit for keeping on top of the results.



Top Deck Cup #2 quarterfinal is live in 5 hours (4:45pm CST/10:45pm GMT) Alex White “vinegarymink” (UK) vs. Laurie Poulter “lpoulter” (UK)

Battle of the Brits on a Friday night! Join me along with my co-hosts Hollis Eacho and current Top Deck competitor Josh Wilson.


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U-S-A! U-S-A! (And Canada and Mexico…all of North America really)


Top Deck Cup #2 Semifinals are live in 2 hours (6:15pm CST) Josh Wilson @josh01 (USA) vs. Noah McKee @Nobo715 (USA). Join me along with my co-hosts Jesse Vandover @dashakanand two time world champion Dan D’Argenio @mediohxcore.


Twitch Live Stream

YouTube VODs


Last night’s video is up:


Top Deck Cup #2 Semifinals are live in 5 hours (4:00pm CST) Jesse Marshall (AUS) vs. Laurie Poulter (UK)

Joining me this time will be the competitors themselves! This match was recorded on Friday and the 3 of us are going to breakdown the games as we watch the replay. It’s a great chance to get some insight from two of the best players in the world.



Top Deck Monthly Cup #2 Finals: North America vs. The World. Co-hosts Hollis Eacho and Alex White join me to to cast the finals.

Next up, a team grudge match featuring West Coast USA vs. UK. Look for that sometime in January.

View the tournament bracket here (warning- SPOILERS): http://topdeck.emergencyshutdown.net/