Top Deck Monthly Cup: Pre-Worlds 2017

Hey everyone! With all the exciting new changes Top Deck is back and ready to stream some games. We’ve got an all North American line-up this time in honor of USA’s big win in the last cup. Some familiar names are returning as well as some new ones. I’d like to welcome @CodeMarvelous, @bahram, @jdeng, @Basoon, and @Venali to their first monthly cup!

In case you’ve forgotten, 16 competitors will play in one best of 3 match per week in a single elimination bracket. Each player will play a runner side and a corp side. If the match is then tied at 1-1, a 3rd random side will be played to determine the winner. By the end of the 4 weeks we will have crowned the monthly champion.

There will be one featured match per week streamed which will be hosted by myself and a guest co-host (or two).

The 16 players have submitted decklists for week 1 and will continue to submit a new deck list every week that they remain in the tournament. There will be no time limits for these matches and other standard tournament rules apply.

The featured match has not been selected yet but I will make an announcement as soon as it’s set.

Here is the bracket with live updates.


@SamRS and I are playing FRI @10A CST (GMT-5). I’ll stream it on Twitch


Damn that’s a hype match


UPDATED - Me vs @d1en on Dien’s stream

Tonight, starting around 945 pm eastern!

update - time edit


Featured match is set. Josh Wilson @anon50033301 vs. Jason Deng @jdeng.

Date: Wednesday October 4th
Time: 830 EDT
Stream: Twitch

Guest Co-hosts Hollis Eacho @HEacho and Peter McOwen @FoilFlaws.


VOD from last night is now available. We ended up having a double feature. That’s right, TWO best of 3s. Enjoy!


We’re over the weekday hump, let’s play some netrunner! Tonight’s feature match will be Dan Spinosa @CodeMarvelous vs. Sam Suied @SamRS.

Date: Thursday October 12th
Time: 930 EDT
Stream: Twitch
Live Bracket:

Guest Co-hosts @spags and Peter McOwen @FoilFlaws.


VOD from last night is now available. Another double feature!


Late notice but the semifinals are tonight! We will be live in just 4.5 hours from this post.

Tom Keaten @Venali vs. Jason Deng @jdeng
Date: Tuesday October 17th
Time 8:00pm CDT / 9:00pm EDT
Stream: Twitch
Live Bracket:

Tonight’s guest co-hosts are Dan @CodeMarvelous and Colin @colinphanna


VOD is now up for the semis.

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Sorry about the delay! Second semi-final match is now available. Finals will be uploaded soon.

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