Top Ten Cards We Will Notice Are Gone

What are the ten cards you think will be the most noticeable by their absence after rotation?

My list:

  1. Data Leak Reversal
  2. Midseason Replacements
  3. Andromeda
  4. Accelerated Diagnostics
  5. Fetal AI
  6. Keyhole
  7. Plascrete
  8. Project Vitruvius
  9. Jackson Howard
  10. Whizzard

Good list! I think caprice+ash deserve honorable mentions even though rumor mill has neutered them. Otherwise also beale, napd, etc…

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I’m going to do a personalized list. I am predicting it is heavy Anarch cause it’s basically all I’ve played in my 4 year stint with ANR.

(no particular order)

  1. Whizzard (my boy since Honor & Profit)
  2. Imp (one of my favorite cards; fell out of favor when Noise did, but still an amazing Anarch tool that changes the way the Corp protects servers)
  3. Liberated Account (Anarch go to for burst econ)
  4. Oversight AI (not sure if BS Glacier will be a thing ever again; shouts to @bblum for a brief but great era of ANR)
  5. Andromeda (when I don’t play Anarch, I play Andy. I love tempo and she’s got it)
  6. Crescentus (really cool Criminal tool; trades the surprise factor of Shutdown for more utility)
  7. Pop-Up Window (if Core 2 happens, we should riot if Pop Up isn’t included. Pop Ups are forever)
  8. Chaos Theory (only Shaper I ever bothered to play; love the slim deck size and ability to get early MOpus + Hyper turns without any required workarounds)
  9. Wraparound (very splashable; remains possibly the best AI hate in the game and good gear-check)
  10. Project Atlas (as a Weyland player to the core, I will miss the power and utility that even a single Atlas counter brought to the game)
  1. Jackson - obviously, affects almost every deck in the game and the replacements are not even close
  2. Caprice - how do you score from remotes, the replacements are definitely not there yet
  3. Project Atlas - poor Weyland
  4. Project Beale - NBN’s fast advance stock is gonna dive
  5. Project Vitruvius - ditto for HBFA
  6. Whizzard - who will save us from assets?
  7. Andromeda - suddenly there will be a variety of playable crim IDs
  8. DLR - finally
  9. Vamp - rich runners cannot just shut down all of the corp’s options
  10. Kati Jones - the influence free “get stupid rich over time” is gonna be no more

I do think that the corp changes are more impactful - a lot of familiar gameplans are going to change drastically or die (if sufficient support isn’t printed - soon). On the runner side, the only gameplan that is definitely going to die is DLR.


I allready made that post on R4G a year ago, here what were my conclusions:

Top 5 of love:
1- Jackson Howard
2- Kati Jones
3- Project Atlas
4- Imp
5- Celebrity Gift

Ten loved cards on Genesis (no order):
Pop-up Window
Project Atlas
Chaos Theory
Nerve Agent
Test Run
R&D Interface
Plascrete carapace
Kati Jones

Ten loved cards on Spin (no order):
Celebrity Gift
Jackson Howard
Subliminal Messaging

Top hated cards:
Project Vitruvius ==> too much 3/2, too much FA tools
Ash 2X3ZB9CY ==> too much recursion for it to be fun
Project Beale ==> this one will… (imo) solve NBN balance problems.
Braintrust ==> because it’s weak. Jinteki need another over-advancable agenda reward, because this is a big fail. Project Kusanagi is not even close to what need a trap deck, in term of agenda compression, because advancable traps takes lots and lots of slots. Jinteki would need one ice that is also an advancable trap asset at the same time, that you could install prtoecting a server as an ice or in the root of a remote as an advancable trap for a valid & working compression. Weyland would also need one imo because it pays inf & slots for SEA Source / Scorch. Also for Jinteki, cards that could be both ice & agendas could work.
Midseason Replacement ==> unbalanced and brutal
Data Leak Reversal ==> die in hell, uninteractive deck

Panic Button ==> die in hell, uninteractive deck
Caprice Nisei ==> uninteractive. Also, too much recursion tools for it to be fun.
Off the Grid ==> uninteractive
NAPD Contract ==> MWLed for a reason
Keyhole ==> die in hell, uninteractive deck
Blackmail ==> die in hell, uninteractive deck

=> with 4 3/2 banned out of 7, I suspect some cards can be removed from MWL after that (Astro & Sansan for exemple).
One 3/2 + one unique 3/2 per faction seems to be a good balance, in my opinion (or 4 x unique 3/2).

@anon34370798 can you please not use ‘autist’ as a negative term in this fashion?



The Top 10 (Janky) Cards I will Miss

  1. Foxfire (Was good for a little bit in that weird Turning Wheel Meta, but has since vanished)
  2. Dedicated Response Team (Good, but active tagging kill Scorch, BOOM!, have always been easier to pull off)
  3. RSVP (Nice taxing Code Gate excellent for protecting assets or upgrades (best interaction with Ash)
  4. Janus 1.0 (BRAAAIN DAMAGE)
  5. Punitive Counterstrike (My Government Takeovers will never be safe)
  6. The Cleaners (RIP BoN 3 meat damage)
  7. City Surveillance (Smile!)
  8. Toshiyuki Sakai (Infinite Loop!)
  9. Curtain Wall/Oversight AI (bye Bye Blue Sun)
  10. Elizabeth Mills (Why! Why!)

This is my biggest concern. Maybe Weyland will get something in the upcoming cycle to help keep Blue Sun able to reap its cash, otherwise BS decks are going to look a whole lot different, if they look like anything at all.

I’m curious how these lists will look once the new cycle starts and we start seeing things. I’m sure they’ll probably look fairly different as holes are filled.

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(done, I think)


cant imagine weyland without project atlas. no 1 for me.


Core 2.0?

In no particular order:
Underworld Contacts (At the very least, Sunny decks after rotation will look very different.)
Kati Jones
Jackson Howard
Project Atlas (all the projects, really, but this one most.)
Data Leak Reversal

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1 - 10. Imp.